Tips for Cleaning The Couch


Apart from the bed, the sofa is the most frequently used piece of furniture in the house. You may spend more time in bed than on the couch, but it is what is most ”lived on”. No wonder we sometimes get stains from children, pets, mischievous friends, etc., on the couch. Some stains are easy to remove, some are hard, and it takes the heaviest artillery to attack those stubborn stains.

Cleaning a sofa can be done in several ways. Before hiring an upholsterer, you can try many things on your own. To help you do this, here are some tips!

Consider the Material of the Sofa

Sofas don’t just come in many shapes and sizes. There is also a huge selection of fabrics and leather to choose from, such as velvet, velour, buffalo leather, and so on. Each type of material may react differently to certain chemicals. If you still have your maintenance booklet, look at it first. This will often indicate how the couch should be treated and what you should not do. Besides, there may be some golden clues hidden in it!

Always Test Them First!

An essential piece of advice! No matter what method or medium you use, test it on an inconspicuous area of the couch first. This is necessary if you are using cleaning products. Of course, it would be very unfortunate if you start cleaning your beloved sofa in a good mood and it turns out to be wrong.

Here again, the material of the sofa is essential. Fabrics may react differently than a leather sofa. Velvet sofas often develop light stains over time when washed in water (overwashing). So always try it first and wait for the results before continuing.

Always Start With a Vacuum Cleaner

Before you begin, you want to ensure that the sofa’s surface is free of crumbs, dust, and other clutter. So, first, pick up the vacuum cleaner and vacuum the couch in an orderly way.

Basics: Water and a Wet Cloth

Your first weapon, of course, is a bucket of water and a cloth. Prepare a bucket of lukewarm water and soak the fabric in it. Then wring it out well and rub the stain gently. Then place the damp cloth over the stain and allow it to dry. The fabric or material around the stain may get a little wet.

Extra tip: Try not to get the sofa too wet. This will attract more stains and damage the material.

Ammonia Solution

Fabric sofas are also easy to clean with ammonia. Ammonia has proven its worth in both superficial and stubborn stains. It also has excellent degreasing power. Use a bucket of water and add a cup of ammonia. Then wipe the surface with a wrung-out soft cloth.

A little tip: open a window. Ammonia doesn’t smell like rose petals or lavender. A little fresh air can be very comforting. Also, the use of cleaning gloves is recommended.

Steam Cleaner / Carpet Cleaner

A practical method is to use a steam cleaner. Be sure to go to your local paint or wallpaper store and rent one (don’t forget to ask for the instructions). Steam cleaners provide excellent cleaning results. It is ideal for cleaning fabric sofas. It also has the nice effect of drying quickly so you can enjoy your beautiful sofa again.

Don’t have the courage to handle a steam cleaner by yourself? Then you can ask a professional company to clean your sofa for you.

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Use a Spray to Impregnate the Sofa

Prevention is better than cure. Protect your sofa from stains and spots by impregnating it regularly. There are several sprays available on the market that make this possible. Impregnating your sofa will make it more resistant to stains. If there is a spill on the couch, you can easily clean the stain with a warm, damp cloth. Give it a try.

 Vinegar for Cleaning

A general tip is to clean it with warm water with vinegar in it. This is a proven method that works for surface stains and dirt. Gently wipe the surface with a damp cloth and a small amount of cleaning vinegar. Then let it dry and see how it finishes. This is usually a very successful method! Again, try not to get the sofa too wet.

Do you have any other tips? Share it with us in the comments below!


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