Top 6 Tips For Cleaning Your Keyboard


A computer keyboard, whether internal, external, or fully integrated into the PC, easily collects dirt, whether it’s crumbs, dust, or sweat, from the fingers of the hand. Even worse, dust particles can block a button and degrade the performance of the device. Using a mild soap or intensive washing are the best solutions to clean it. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn some of our best tips to clean your keyboard.

1. How to clean a laptop keyboard?


To properly clean each key on your computer’s keyboard, the first thing to do is to unplug your PC if it is an external keyboard. Then, wait for it to cool down before cleaning. In this type of situation, when dirt has become deeply embedded in the computer keyboard, the best solution is to use a compressed air canister.

Get a can to clean your PC and then spray the entire surface of your keyboard. If you have the option of holding the keyboard upside down, feel free to do so, as this will effectively dislodge any deeply embedded debris. Then, when you’re done, use a dry, lint-free microfiber cloth to remove any remaining debris.

2. Soft soap for tough stains

It’s not uncommon to see stains on the computer keyboard. They are mostly caused by sweaty fingers. There is nothing more effective to get rid of them than a mild soap solution diluted with distilled water. You can also use isopropyl alcohol, a more effective and odorless solution. To do this, dampen a soft microfiber cloth.

Finally, when everything is done, take the time to let your computer dry by running a dry cloth over the entire surface of your device. Then, pass it gently, insisting well between each button to remove dust particles. Be careful not to let the cloth drip. The slightest drop could damage your PC’s system, even if it is turned off.

3. The deep cleaning process


To deep clean a laptop keyboard, you’ll still need a can of compressed air, a spray can, and disinfectant. To begin, turn off your PC and unplug all external accessories attached to it (mouse, headset, etc.). Next, turn your keyboard over just above a towel. Turn on the compressed air canister and blow away the dust between the keys. Don’t hesitate to tap lightly on the keys to extract as much dirt as possible.

If a lot of the dirt refuses to go away, you’ll have to do it the hard way by removing the keys. To remove the keys from a keyboard, use a flathead screwdriver. Then, you’ll just need a spray can to get all the dirt out. Wipe the surface with a soft cloth lightly moistened with alcohol, and then gently rub the surface. When everything is dry, replace the buttons one by one. You can also use a keyboard cleaner and disinfect your computer keyboard to remove bacteria and germs.

4. Tips for cleaning gaps

Gaps are the narrow spaces between two keys. It is in the gaps that dust and dirt most often lodge. So how do you get rid of them? The easiest way is to use a cotton swab and pass it between these narrow spaces. Remember to moisten it well with isopropyl alcohol or pH-neutral soapy water to make it easier.

5. What to do when liquid has been spilled on a computer keyboard?


In this type of situation, consider turning off your PC immediately. Then, turn it over so that the liquid does not reach the internal system of the device and use a dry cloth to dry it. Find a way to keep your device in this inverted position overnight so that the liquid can come out.

According to conventional wisdom, putting the PC where liquid has spilled into an airtight box that contains rice is also effective. But the principle is to sprinkle some rice on it so that these grains can absorb the liquid that has spilled on them. Always remember to check that no rice grains have been left between the keys of your keyboard.

6. How do I clean the keyboards of a desktop computer?

The best way to clean a desktop computer is to turn off the device first and then turn it over. Once this is done, unscrew all the screws from the keyboard and separate the top part, i.e., the part with the keys. Turn it over so that you can see the keys. Then take a detergent and wash all the keys of your computer. Please use a non-aggressive product so as not to damage your keyboard. You can also use cold water with light pressure to remove crumbs and dust.

To optimize the process, you can use a hair dryer. If necessary, let the keys dry for several minutes. When everything is dry, put the keys back in their place and screw the top part of the keyboard back on properly. Finally, consider testing each key by pressing it when everything is secure.

Generally, the cost of maintaining a computer keyboard is within the range of all budgets. If you’re worried about damaging your desktop or laptop, don’t hesitate to call in a professional. They will remove the keys and use a specific product or device to dust your laptop.

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