Tidying Up & Cleaning With Kids: 9 Tips

How do you keep your home from becoming a pigsty? A house is a place to live, and a super clean interior is impossible, especially with kids. Having a job, kids, a social life, and your own home and hopefully keeping it that way can be a challenge!

A clean and tidy home is beautiful, but it is also good for your children’s health. Here are some tips to help you out!

1) Give Things a Fixed Place

Many you can’t stand it: piles of papers and stuff on the table, piles of toys everywhere, etc. To avoid this, everything should have a fixed place and each item should fit in their specific area. Loose papers and school homework? Sort them out, hang them up on the refrigerator for a few days, and throw them away. Let’s be honest; you can’t keep them all! You may also keep a certain amount of artwork that fits into children’s storage boxes.

2) Disperse the Possibilities

Instead of keeping cleaning supplies in one place, it is convenient to keep, for instance, packets of wet wipes in cupboards and drawers throughout the house. They are readily available and eliminate the need for scrubbing and looking for wipes everywhere each time, which is often frowned upon.

3) Never Let Them Leave Empty-Handed

Make it a rule in the home to never go empty-handed upstairs: 18 toys and 24 socks, shirts, leggings, etc., that really should be in the bedroom or wardrobe, but they are always lying around on the first floor, and vice versa. So, get the children to participate in cleaning as well!

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4) Cleaning Around the Children

Play a game with your kids: power clean for 10 minutes. Set the timer, put on some music, and clean as much as you can in that short time. The kids do the toys; you do the kitchen, for example. Then, as a reward, allow the children to decide what fun games or activities they want to do, and then go ahead and do it!

5) Sock Bag

Having little socks all over the house can be very annoying, especially near the washing machine. Luckily, there is a solution to that too. Let your child have a laundry bag that they can just put their socks in every day. Then, on laundry day, just throw the whole bag in the washer. Afterward, empty it into the dryer and make a wardrobe set from it. It’s that simple!

6) Divide the Task Up

Instead of taking care of the whole house one day a week, do laundry every day, bathroom on Monday, kitchen after dinner on Tuesday, vacuum on Wednesday, etc. Everything can’t be done in one day, especially with toddlers. It’s pretty normal that sometimes the house smells like diapers, or you can’t remember when you changed your child’s bed.

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7) Cleaning Products

When cleaning with your kids, use the most eco-friendly products possible. It’s still definitely not for their mouths, but at least the scents are a little more child-friendly. And of course, keep all products high up out of reach of little hands.

8) Just Think of It as Educating Them

Teaching your son or daughter how to load the dishwasher, fold laundry, vacuum, and clean is worthwhile. Apart from the practical value, it teaches them to take care of their things, help others, do things together, and (for children) that cleaning is not just for women!

9) Take a Break

A break to eat cookies, take a nap, crawl around the room like an elephant, yell “peekaboo” for the 20th time, and be absolutely amazed that a small child was hiding under the sheets, just take a break and go back to cleaning when you feel better.

Let us know if these few tips have helped you in the comments below!

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