Cleaning Tips for Busy Moms


We all want a sparkly and clean house, but unfortunately, as busy moms, we don’t find adequate time to do that every day as we work and have pretty busy lives. Between caring for the children, grocery shopping, work… cleaning can often be neglected. According to studies, having a clean home brings happiness. That’s why we have gathered the best cleaning tips for busy moms to ensure a clean house.

Busy Moms Tips #1: Establish A Routine

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Cleaning Tips for Busy Moms

As with any other task having a routine make it easier to accomplish the different, you will set for yourself. Having a routine will allow you to work on something that will work for you and keep track while having a busy life. Having a good routine will decrease stress and allow live in a healthy environment.

Busy Moms Tips #2: Dish The Decluttering

Many declutter first, and then they always find something else to do. I would recommend you pick up the clutter while you clean. You will find yourself moving more rapidly, and as you are also cleaning, you will get a sense of satisfaction and be more encouraged to continue cleaning.

Busy Moms Tips #3: Cleaning Supplies

Have you ever had a boost of motivation to clean but ended up realizing that there are not enough cleaning supplies? To avoid this situation, stock up on cleaning supplies, not only products, but make sure you have sponges and other things to do your job well. You may want to look for a cleaning supplies checklist online that may help during your cleaning supplies shopping to ensure that you do not forget anything.

Busy Moms Tips #4: Use A Vacuum

If you want to be done quickly, use a vacuum instead of sweeping your floors. It is quicker, does not leave dust behind, and can get in hard-reached areas. If you find vacuuming difficult, you can invest in a robot vacuum; as you wake, you set it to run, and while you are still sipping on your morning coffee, your new friend is doing the job.

Busy Moms Tips #5: Clean Your Iron

If you want to avoid dallying when ironing, I have a crucial tip for you; clean your iron often. I hated ironing before; honestly, I don’t like it right now either, but I am better at it. If your iron is clogged with limescale or burned, cleaning it often may avoid having these kinds of issues.

A dirty iron will have a hard time removing creases, will produce less steam, and will become inefficient in general. So, clean your iron if you do not want to prolong the ironing nightmare.

Busy Moms Tips #6: Water Stains

Cleaning Tips for Busy Moms
Cleaning Tips for Busy Moms

You could have cleaned your house, but some places have that dull look. Either on wood, window panes, or mirror, they do not look good, and cleaning it with even more water won’t help to be honest.

What should you do? I recommend that you clean the area with some lemon on the window or mirror, but you will heat it with a blow dryer if it is on the wood. Give the lemon time to work, and then rinse it off.

Busy Moms Tips #7: Scrub Your Oven

My oven is one of the appliances that I clean the most often, you may have to clean it, but the oven will give a dirty look. Your oven gets dirty very easily as you use it every day; splashes of sauce and oil buildup we have seen it all, and now is the time to clean everything off.

Clean your oven every day with a wet cloth and a little dish soap. Cleaning it every day will allow you to discard the deep cleaning that is even more time-consuming.

Busy Moms Tips #8: Prioritize

A clean home is a goal, not having a perfect one. Make a list of priorities and clean accordingly. Most of the time, the kitchen and bathroom and the ones that take more time, so you may want to start with that. Afterward, make the beds, do some decluttering, and that’s it.

Don’t be too hard on yourself; you are not a cleaning robot. You can delegate some easy tasks to your child; of course, it should be appropriate for their age. For example, they can make their bed as soon as they wake up, collect their toys or even bring their clothes to the laundry room. These little actions will help ease your work. In the comments, let us know how you manage to clean as a busy mom…

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