Simple Tips That Make Your Dishwasher Cleaning Easy

Who doesn’t want shiny, clean dishes? To keep that super clean over time, it’s important to clean the dishwasher on both sides. In today’s article, we go over good things to know, like how often the dishwasher should be cleaned, common indicators that it’s time to do so, and 5 simple tips for the cleaning itself. We also provide a checklist of some things you can do to avoid cleaning the dishwasher as often.

How Often Should the Dishwasher Be Cleaned?

A good rule of thumb is to clean the dishwasher four times a year. Sometimes it is necessary to clean it more often than that, somewhat depending on how often the dishwasher is used and what kind of food remains on the dishes. By cleaning the dishwasher regularly, you will also ensure that your dishwasher lasts longer.

When Should You Clean Your Dishwasher?

It is best to clean the dishwasher at regular intervals. But there are some indicators that give a little more indication that it’s time to clean it properly. Here are some occasions you should keep in mind:

– If the disc doesn’t get completely clean even though you’ve run a disc program.

– If your dishwasher starts to smell

– If you notice food scraps stuck in different parts of the dishwasher.

5 Simple Tips for Cleaning Your Dishwasher

It can be hard to know where to start when it’s time to clean the dishwasher. So we’ve put together our top 5 easy tips.

Tip #1: Inspect the Strainer on the Way in and Out

It’s a good idea to inspect the strainer from time to time to make sure no food remains are stuck in it. Otherwise, they can sit there and cause a bad smell in the machine. The strainer is easy to remove and clean with an ordinary dish brush.

Tip 2: Keep an Eye on the Rinse Arms

The rinse arms are the part of the dishwasher that rinses the water off your sink. The coil arms have small holes where food residue, grease and lime scale can easily get stuck. By regularly keeping an eye on the coil arms, you can quickly notice if the holes are clogged. Use a toothpick, tweezers or a fine steel wire to remove the dirt.

Tip 3: Check the Machine’s Parts

Another tip is to check the parts of the machine. Sometimes stubborn food scraps can get stuck in the cutlery basket, for example, and start to smell.

Tip 4: Dry the Inside of the Dishwasher

Sometimes it’s a good idea to wipe down the inside of the dishwasher with a cloth. This will allow you to catch any food scraps that didn’t get caught in the strainer.

Tip 5: Don’t Forget to Wipe the Frame

When you clean your dishwasher, it’s easy to blindly look at everything inside. In fact, the frame, the rubber band that surrounds the dishwasher, is also a place where dirt collects. Spills and droppings from coffee cups, milk glasses and other items often get stuck in the frame. Wipe it clean with a dishcloth.

Mild Dishwasher Detergent

Even if you regularly maintain and clean your dishwasher, sometimes it’s a good idea to supplement with a cleaning product. There are several options for those of you who prefer an agent specifically for dishwashers that will clean, descale and degreases your dishwasher.

Checklist: How to Reduce the Need to Clean Your Dishwasher

While it’s good to clean the dishwasher regularly, the reality is that few of us enjoy cleaning. Fortunately, there are a few life hacks that are good to know. If you make sure to check these points, your dishwasher probably won’t need to be cleaned as often.

  • Always leave the dishwasher door open after a program.
  • Bacteria and mold thrive in damp environments. By opening the dishwasher door immediately after a wash program, you minimize the risk that bacteria and mold will begin to grow in your dishwasher. There are dishwashers with AirDry technology that do this for you. They open the door 4 inches toward the end of the program, allowing natural air to circulate and providing excellent drying results.
  • Scrape off food debris before placing dishes in the machine.
  • It is easy for food scraps to get stuck in different places. After a while, when the food has rotted, this can lead to a bad smell. It’s best to scrape out any food debris that may get stuck and not be rinsed out.
  • Run an empty dishwasher from time to time.
  • A simple way to keep the dishwasher clean is to make sure it cleans itself. Run a hot program from time to time without any dishes in the machine. Your dishwasher will then be able to concentrate on cleaning itself.

There you are! With those easy and simple tips, cleaning a dishwasher will never be a struggle again!

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