Places That You Often Miss When Cleaning


Cleaning your home can be an enjoyable activity that boosts your mood. Keeping your home hygienic and tidy is also essential for your and your family’s good health. However, do you know there are spots you can miss during your cleaning routine? Please read on to learn about tips for a complete and proper cleaning of your home!


The underside of your furniture

It is certainly very easy to vacuum or mop under your sofas, tables, and bed to remove dust and spider webs. However, have you ever tried to see the undersides of your furniture? You may be surprised to see the amount of accumulated clinging dust that you missed! All you need to do is vacuum or dust the bottom sides of your furniture at least 2 times a year!

Your walls and baseboards

Did you know that vertical surfaces are prone to the accumulation of dust? Try to open your curtains and turn on your lights to see the incredible view of your dirty walls or wallpapers! Therefore, you need an efficient duster that traps particles to clean your walls from top to bottom. Then, move on to your light switches and doorknobs, carefully removing dirt stuck on them. In addition, you should give some of your time to your baseboards! No wonder there is humidity in your kitchen and bathroom which only causes the dust accumulated on the tiny ledges of your baseboards to become stuck and hard to be removed. Do not worry, as you can do a tremendous and spotless cleaning with just a damp cloth!


The upper surface of cabinets, doors, and picture frames

How often do you look up when you are cleaning? You will find it difficult to ignore the considerable amount of dust accumulated on top of your furniture. With a smile, climb on a stable chair to remove the spider webs on the top of your doors, kitchen cabinets, and picture frames! Also, make sure you do not miss your ceiling corners! Moreover, you need to carry out a check on your ceiling fans and light fixtures. Furthermore, you could make your task more manageable with a disposable duster with an extendable handle. However, creating your duster with a microfiber cloth secured to a broom handle will also be a terrific idea!

Your air filters and vents

Do you have a central heating system in your home? Then, there should certainly be a duct network that connects your heating system to all your rooms. Air circulates in this network and exits it through the vents. Also, the air passes through a filter which traps dust and pollen particles and becomes fresher. Filters range from costly, sophisticated ones to simpler, less costly ones. For instance, I have an inexpensive but effective mesh-type filter in my central heating system! However, your filter must be cleaned or replaced regardless of its type for more effectiveness. Regular cleaning of your air filters and vents will give you fresh air to breathe and will also make less accumulation of dust on your furniture! In addition, do not forget to clean the vent grates that tend to collect dust too! You should also clean your single window unit filter thoroughly if you have one.


Your closet floors

The last time when I was arranging my things in my closet, everything fell on me as soon as I opened the door! It was so hilarious that everybody at home still laughs when they remember the incident. When I started rearranging my stuff, I realized how much dust was collected on the floor of my closet! Then, I took my cleaning tools and diligently cleaned my closet from top to bottom! I believe that you also often miss your closet’s floor in your house chores list. Also, if your closet’s floor is covered with carpet, it might become dirtier with soil from your shoes. Moreover, the carpet can become a habitat for molds and insects such as carpet beetles to breed! These insects spoil your clothes and accessories. Therefore, you must clean your whole closet, including the floors, several times a year.

Your vacuum cleaner and cleaning tools

Are you sure you are not missing to clean your cleaning tools themselves? It is obvious for your vacuum and all other cleaning tools to become dirty after each cleaning session. So, the next time you reuse these tools, you end up spreading the dust collected on them all over your space! Therefore, you should clean them properly after cleaning your home. Of course, you need to empty the disposable bag of your vacuum cleaner. You might not have realized that other parts of your vacuum cleaner need cleaning too! For example, you must wash its cup in hot soapy water every month. Furthermore, you should also clean its filters, rotary bars, and brushes for better cleaning results. In addition, you can wash and disinfect all your mop heads, scrub brushes, and sponges.


Finally, you have learned about the various places that you often miss during your usual cleaning routine at home. Another task you might miss is dusting your indoor plant’s leaves, which are prone to accumulate dirt too! When you clean the bottom side of your furniture, your closet’s floor, air filters, and cleaning tools, you definitely get a cleaner home with fresh air! Hence, you will have a healthier atmosphere with positive vibes at home! Please do not forget to share your comments below!

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