Making Your Bathroom Spotless In No Time

Cleaning is a great feeling, but you want to get it done as soon as possible. Here are some cleaning tips to help so that you no longer spend an hour trying to conjure up the perfect bathroom. Good luck!

Clean the Bathtub

To remove dirt and soap scum from the tub, fill the tub with warm water and add a large amount of Biotex. Leave it for a while, and then rinse it off with hot water. Voila, your bathtub is now sparkling clean. Yellow stains in the bath? You can easily remove it with lemon juice.


Every time you take a shower, wipe the walls with a rubber spatula to keep your shower room clean. Still have limescale on your shower walls (or door)? Mix a small amount of vinegar and water, spray it on the door, and let it sit for 15 minutes. You can also use vinegar to clean the shower head.


Cover the sink with a roll of kitchen paper soaked with vinegar and leave it for 15 minutes (you may continue with the toilet in the meantime). The acid in the vinegar will ensure that the sink is disinfected, and scrubbing with car wax will give it an incredible shine.

Shower Drain

Is your drain filter turning brown? Spray a few drops of chlorine on it and give it a dish brush. Rinse with water, and you’re done. Be careful with clothing (bleach stains!).

Mirrors, mirrors

If you think it’s weird to use car wax to clean your bathroom: think again. What you use to wipe the mirror is, yes, a potato. Cut a potato in half, scrub the mirror with it, and rinse with cold water. Is it still streaking? Then remove it with wet newspaper.

Plant Sprayer

Clean the bathroom in five minutes? Absolutely. Using a plant sprayer, spray the all-purpose cleaner on the rim, seat, back, and bottom of the toilet bowl and let it soak for a while. Then wipe it off with a towel. You can also scrub the surface of the toilet bowl with a wet sponge and dry it with a microfiber cloth.


Dirty grout in the bathroom? Mix water and bleach and use a toothbrush (or the end of a cloth) to clean the joints.

Bathroom, Luxury, Luxury Bathroom, Sink, Bathtub
Bathroom, Luxury, Luxury Bathroom, Sink, Bathtub

Gray or Black Joints

The cement in the joints is often discolored. This is common in older bathrooms. You can use HG Joint Cleaner Concentrate for this.
One squirt in a bucket of cold water and use a cleaning brush to polish the grout. This chemical cleans the joints and restores color. Wear cleaning gloves when handling this product. When finished scrubbing, rinse with water and dry the surface with a dry cloth.


Tiles can be cleaned well with a small amount of fabric softener and lukewarm water. Fill a bucket with about 5 liters of water and add two tablespoons of fabric softener. Cover the cloth and go. For the final touch, wipe it dry.

Cleaning Faucets With a Soft Sponge

Polish the tap with a soft sponge. Do not scrub the faucet, showerhead or shower rod too hard. These parts are chrome-plated and can be scratched. Use a soft sponge or the soft side of an abrasive pad.

Mopping for Bathroom Floors

Don’t use the same mop you use for the kitchen to mop the bathroom. Kitchens are often dirty with leftover food and other messes.
Besides, kitchens and bathrooms require the use of different cleaning products, and mixing these products is not suitable. Using a specific mop for the bathroom is better, and the various agents will not be mixed.

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