A Guide to Skip Bins


If you are a TV geek like me, then you’ve probably seen people loitering around skip bins all the time; one of my favorite scenes with a skip bin comes from a British series called Ackley Bridge where our protagonist Missy and her best friend Nasreen are sitting at the top of the skip bin on a discarded sofa and drink cider. But what in the hell are Skip bins? Well, worry not because we are here to answer all your burning questions about skip bins and their uses.

What is a skip bin?


A skip or skip bin is usually a large open-topped waste container, and it is designed to be loaded on a special type of truck that will then dispose of the waste safely. Skip bins are a very versatile container that can hold a variety of junk, but it is crucial for you to respect the guide for the disposal of the waste goes as smoothly as possible. You will most likely encounter skip bins in countries like England, Australia, Ireland or even new Zealand, and if you like in the US, you’ve most likely come across it but under a different name. It is the equivalent of a debris box or a dumpster.

History and statistics


According to the Guardian, the first-ever skip-like container dates back to 1922. It is said to have been developed in the united kingdom in Southport by Edwin Walker, a lorry manufacturer. Walker got with an engineer and developed the first working prototype of what we now know as a skip bin. It was then known as a rubbish cart and was used to dispose of residential and commercial waste, and since 1922, the skip business has boomed, and in Australia only, the skip industry is worth more than $3 billion. Currently, there are around 1100 skip companies down under, and this industry employs about 8000 people. This multi-billion industry will soon turn a hundred, and we wish it the best for the years to come.

Types of bins and sizes


As they are almost a century old, there has been innovation in the skip bin industry, and they come in a variety of forms now. Before hiring any skip company, you need to know what type of material you are getting rid of because this will make your choice more straightforward as it will dwindle the type of bins you have to choose from. You need to categorise your waste into different categories and split green and recyclable waste away from electrical components or other commercial building waste. This will make your life much easier, and the skip company will thus be able to discard of the debris in a safe and environmentally conscious manner. Depending on the amount of waste you have to dispose of, you’ll choose the skip bin accordingly, but it’s always safer to opt for a bigger bin rather than a smaller one. A skip can hold an average of 12 cubic meters of waste but are generally limited to carrying only 8000 kilograms of waste, and this includes the weight of the bin and the trash.

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