Protect Your Roof With The Best Anti-Moss Product


Moss on concrete walls and floors can not only be messy but also dangerous to walkways and pavers. Here are some maintenance tips to keep your concrete surfaces looking and functioning well during the cold seasons. Moss is one of the main enemies of roofs.

These are treated to fight against the deterioration factors. In this article, find out how to protect the roof. Currently, there are many plant mosses that develop in damp areas of walls or roofs. The risk of damage becomes significant if the particles reach a certain thickness. Below are the best anti-moss treatments.



It treats moss, algae, and lichen-encrusted roofs. Its advantage is that it is easy to use. Its treatment respects the environment, an important point for consumers. It is very effective since it acts in depth for only a few days.

Sika Stop All in One

This product is applied to roofs, floors, or facades and removes green, red, and black marks. Among its advantages, it requires no mixing or preparation. You can apply it all the time with a brush, sponge, roller, or sprayer. Very important that you will only need one liter to treat 7 to 10m² of the roof.

Rubson Stop Mousse

This product is very effective against moss and in treating infested surfaces. It works quickly in only 24 hours. This anti-moss product works not only on roofs but also on other surfaces such as fences or pavements. Its main advantage is that it is ready to use immediately upon purchase. You don’t need to worry about it, because you have to follow the instructions. With its effectiveness, your roof will stand up through time.

Additional tips for removing moss from the roof


Use cleaners to remove moss. To begin with, bicarbonate water and water the roof. To ensure the cleaning, sprinkle with baking soda and scrub with a brush. This will promote the longevity of your roof while preventing water infiltration. If the moss is very thick, use a broom. To remove moss, algae, mold, and mildew, use an algicide moss remover once a year.

To remove moss from the roof, do it on warm days without rain. The ideal is to do it during spring to allow you to see the different aggressions suffered during the cold period. In fact, to see them, cut down the trees near the roof. If you do it yourself, preserve your safety by wearing work gloves and safety glasses; however, if you can’t do it.

Removing moss from a roof in two steps

First, put an anti-foam product on the roof and wait about two days to see its effect. Also, choose the product according to the type of roof: clay tile or concrete or slate, etc. A roofer’s advice is necessary on the choice of the anti-foaming product.

Once this time has elapsed, remove the moss by spraying the roof with water. But be careful; the high-pressure cleaner is not recommended to avoid chipping or damaging the roof. Using a simple garden hose and a pole brush to gently remove the flaking moss is reasonable.

Eradicate roof moisture


Moisture is one factor that accentuates the appearance of moss on the roof. However, this product is more suitable for slate or PVC tiles. For roofs that are resistant to moisture, these are applied only after cleaning. To remedy this, a waterproofing solution should be used.

At the same time, clean the gutter by removing leaf debris and remnants of moss and organic matter. This way, rainwater will be evacuated normally and will not remain on certain surfaces that can be a source of humidity and the appearance of vegetation.

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