How to Pick a High-Pressure Cleaner

How to Pick a High-Pressure Cleaner

How to Pick a High-Pressure Cleaner


 – Description of the high-pressure electric cleaner

 – Characteristics of this high-pressure cleaner

 – Advantages and disadvantages of high-pressure electric cleaner

 – Price of the high-pressure electric cleaner

Description of the high-pressure electric cleaner

An electric pressure washer is a device that provides pressure through an electric cable, and it collects water through a tap with normal pressure.

Electric pressure washers fall into two categories:

 – Hot water operation: the most efficient.

 – Coldwater operation: the most common.

Characteristics of this pressure washer

There are 2 main types of pressure washers: electric and thermal.

Today’s most consumer pressure washers are equipped with an electric motor, and this post will tell you more about it. To begin, it would help if you chose an electric pressure washer by taking into account the following purchasing criteria:

Cleaning power

The power depends on the pressure and the water flow. This power is measured in Watts; it is the multiplication of the flow and the pressure. The more intensive the work to be done with the machine, the more powerful it will be:

 – Power of 2000 Watts: the general public.

 – Power of 2500 Watts: pro and semi-pro.

 – Beyond that: industrial.


The higher the pressure, the more effective the cleaning.

 – Pressure of 160 bars: the general public.

 – Pressure up to 200 bars: pro and semi-pro.

 – Pressure up to 220 bars: industrial.

Water flow rate

Expressed in liters per minute, the higher the water flow rate, the more efficient the cleaning.

 – Water flow rate up to 600 liters per hour: private individuals.

 – Water flow rate up to 1,000 liters per hour: pro and semi-pro.

 – Water flows up to 1,200 liters per hour: industrial.

Note: water and electricity do not mix well: to handle your device with a minimum of comfort and safety, make sure you choose a model with a minimum of 4 meters of cable.


How to Pick a High-Pressure Cleaner

 – Less than one hour: private individual, occasional use: terrace, garden furniture, garage floor.

 – From 1 to 2 hours: pro and semi-pro, daily use: extensive surface cleaning, vehicles.

 – From 2 to 8 hours: industrial, intensive use: cleaning machines, vehicles, and engines.

Summary of the characteristics of electric pressure washers

Find below the criteria to take into account when buying an electric pressure washer:

Electric high-pressure cleaner


Water flow rate


100-120 bars

300-400 liters/hour

Pro and semi-pro

120 bars

450 liters/hour


140 bars

600 liters/hour

Advantages and disadvantages of electric pressure washers


 – Easy to use and maintain.

 – Multiple possible applications.


 – Working with an electric cable in contact with water, even though this does not usually affect the device’s safety.

 – Used frequently; the electric steam cleaner consumes a lot of electricity.

Electric pressure washer price

Below is a price range for electric pressure washers:


Top of the range

Electric pressure washer



Note: For professional purchases, specialty stores will provide you with a quote.

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