How to Keep Leather in Good Condition?

The regular maintenance of leather furniture, shoes, clothes, leather goods, or car seats is essential to maintain its aesthetic and longevity. To obtain a clean and impeccable result, you must respect the correct gestures and use the right products.

Discover hereafter the steps to follow and the products and adequate care to sublimate the leather daily.

– Cleaning

Start by removing dirt and various stains (ink, grease…) using microfiber cloths, wipes, or small cloths. Soft, slightly moistened, and impregnated with detergents, they dust and clean the leather effectively without damaging it, unlike abrasive materials that tend to attack it.

– The restoration

Next, take care of the leather by applying a wax-based product to nourish and moisturize it. This will also protect it from climatic aggressions and UV rays that dull its color.

The nourishing milk for leather is ideal for jackets, armchairs, sofas, and car seats. In paste or cream form, shoe polish is more practical for shoes and bags.

As for the repair cream, it will be used to revive the color of the leather. For this, choose the cream that matches the color of your leather items. You can choose from a wide range of colors: white, black, red, yellow, navy blue, dark brown, cognac, dark green, beige, and hazelnut. They can be mixed to get the shade you need.

To wax, take a foam sponge and put cream on it. Rub gently in a circular motion. The cream must penetrate the leather deeply for it to be effective. Insist on the folds for a better result. Finally, let dry for a few minutes and buff. You will see that your leather will be like new!

You should know that there are also care products adapted to each type of leather:
– a drop of edible oil maintains the shine of the patent leather,
– Soapy water and natural grease are for greasy leather,
– a waterproofing agent is appropriate to protect leathers that hate water,
– a soft brush will be used for suede or nubuck leather.
– The repair


Whisky Italian All Leather Sofa |

Flexible but particularly sensitive, leather can tear at the first blow of sharp elements: knife, scissors, etc. In this case, do not panic! The solution is to use an adapted glue for leather. Cyanoacrylate glue or Super Glue is recommended.

This glue is strong enough to fix the leather permanently. In addition to being powerful, it is easy to apply and quick to dry. Colorless, it is also discreet. To apply it, just put a few drops on the material. Drying is immediate; you must wait 48 hours for a total adhesion.

Leather can also be worn, dried out, with holes or scratches.

To remedy this effectively, a repair paste is an excellent option. In liquid leather form, this product is of high quality. For example, to repair a hole in a leather sofa, you’ll slip a small piece of the leather slightly larger than the hole. Then fill the hole with the repair paste and make sure it covers the entire piece. Afterwards, press to stick leather on leather. Let it dry for a few hours and sand it down.

There is also a leather healer to solve superficial cuts and cracks. Easy to apply, it ensures an optimal result.

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