How to Cleanse a Haunted House?

How to Cleanse a Haunted House?

When you come home from a long and tiring day at work, you want to see everyone in your family happy, your house clean and every household item in its place. Having a clean and tidy home does not only mean that you’ll be less prone to diseases and that you are capable of taking care of your space and respecting your belongings. A clean house is simply more pleasant to live in; it’s relaxing and inviting and it creates a positive environment for spending time with family and friends. This is why most people opt for a thorough house cleaning during springtime. Broken shingles are replaced, carpets are deep-cleaned, old clothes are thrown away, window frames are sealed, outdated food items are discarded, closets are cleaned and rearranged and gutters are repaired. These chores are usually featured on a typical spring cleaning checklist. However, what if you had to clean a haunted house?

A what???

You’ve read it right!

For centuries, people may have claimed that stories about ghosts or spirits haunting houses are clearly fictional and scientists may not have been successful at finding real evidence for the existence of ghosts and spirits, but haunted houses are for real. It doesn’t take much to find testimonies of people who’ve actually lived in spooky houses and if you are living in one, well I admire your courage. But, at one point, you must have wondered about how to “cleanse” the house and get rid of the ghost. If yes, here’s a guide that can help you.

P.S: This article isn’t only about cleaning “haunted” houses. If there is no ghost roaming inside your home but you still get a creepy and negative vibe from it, then you might need the following cleaning tips.

Avoid Clutter

Avoid ClutterYou must have heard something like, “ghosts and evil spirits always abide in dirty, unclean and unhygienic places.” 

This isn’t a presumptuous statement. According to most religious beliefs, the entities of benevolent and positive nature tend to reside in places that are full of positivity and purity, whereas entities of malevolent or of darker nature reside in places where their surroundings resonate with their own energy, which is negative energy so eventually they will prefer places which are unhygienic, unclean and dirty. Just like how a clean person would prefer staying or living in a clean house or in a clean room, clean and good spirits or clean and positive vibe would prefer living and abiding in clean and clutter-free spaces. On the other hand, ghosts and negative vibes would rather dwell in unclean and cluttered places.

So, if you want to cleanse your home of any negative atmosphere or evil spirit, make sure you always keep it clean and clutter-free.

Throw Out Broken Items

Throw Out Broken ItemsNowadays, most people are opting for repairing broken items rather than just discarding them. However, even today, my mother is always throwing out items that are damaged without even trying to repair them. According to her, broken items equal to damaged energy and recently, I’ve found that Feng Shui experts also recommend this practice.

According to Susan M. Chu, a Feng Shui consultant, “If something is broken, just toss it away.”

Clean Your House With Salt

Clean Your House With SaltSalt is a very powerful mineral that has been used for ages. It is used for healing purposes like applying salt on the teeth to fight swollen gums or using salt water for gargling during a sore throat. However, unknown to many, salt can also be used for purification because of its absorbing quality. Though I cannot confirm it, I have heard that putting salt in the different corners of the house or cleaning the house with salt water can get rid of negative energy and ward off evil spirits.


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