If Your House Stinks, Check These 5 Problem Areas!

If Your House Stinks, Check These 5 Problem Areas!

No one likes the disinfectant smell that you can find in hospitals, nursing homes or clinics. But, when you think of a hotel, you instantly remember that sweet, fresh and citrus scent that greets you as soon as you enter into the lobby of a luxury hotel. This trademark scent is present in every hotel in the world and no one would mind having this amazing scent in their own homes. Who wouldn’t love coming home to this refreshing scent after a long and tiring day at work?

However, reality hits you as soon as you remember or smell the ghastly odors of your home.

No matter how long you’ve been living in a house with musty smells, there must be a reason (or several) why your house is stinking. So, let’s find out!

Stale Bedsheets

Stale BedsheetsIn general, skin cells exfoliate (shed) approximately every 28 days. This process is called “cell regeneration” and during this phase, dead skin cells are pushed to the top of the skin while new cells replace the dead ones. For instance, when you rub your skin, dress, undress, sleep and shower, the dead cells are simply sloughed off. However, the problem with these dead skin cells is that they can create dust. These cells are microscopic and can combine with other tiny particles to create household dust. In fact, unlike other dust particles that cannot stick together, dead skin cells attract each other and can clump together to form a united dust “bunny.”

Since you can shed dead skin cells when you are sleeping, these microscopic particles combine with your own body oils and other dust particles (gross, I know) and stick to your bedsheets. And, when you don’t wash these sheets regularly, it will release an unbearable odor in your bedroom.

Solution: Make sure you wash your bedsheets at least every 2-3 weeks.

Old Books and Magazines

Old Books and MagazinesE-reading apps might be convenient and practical but they will never have that comforting and nice old book smell. It turns out that I’m not the only one who loves the smell of good old books. However, it is important to remember that with time, certain paperbacks can turn yellow, deteriorate and release a musty smell.

Solution: As a book lover, I know that it’s not easy to get rid of old books and this is why I suggest you donate them instead of tossing them in the bin.

Air Conditioning Unit

Air Conditioning UnitThere is another common musty smell culprit. When you have an air conditioning unit, all the air goes through the coils of the evaporator and these coils usually retain mold and dust. So, if you are not cleaning or maintaining your air conditioning unit on a daily basis, the dirty coils can redistribute the dust and mold along with a foul air every time the AC is switched on.

Solution: For more information about cleaning and maintaining an AC, click here!

Hidden Mold

Hidden MoldMold that’s growing and thriving out of sight is much more dangerous than visible mold as it can go undetected for years and cause serious health problems. Invisible mold can usually come from current foundation cracks, behind wallpapers, roof leaks, and plumbing leaks and so on. It may have also grown in times when the ceiling or the floor was flooded and when the wet area was not professionally remodeled. Sometimes, homeowners just use a wet vac and repaint the affected area themselves without following proper procedures to re-mediate the source of the problem.

New Furniture

New FurnitureSome people love the smell of new furniture. While it might smell like brand-new, this odor is said to consist of 10 times more toxins than can be found outdoors.

Solution: To learn more about how to get rid of the new furniture smell, click here!


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