4 Tips For Cleaning A Marble Vase At Home

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Marble is a beautiful and very aesthetic material to decorate your home and bring a certain style to it. Marble vases, in particular, have a good reputation as a decorative accessories. However, if they are not cared for, they lose their characteristic colour and shine. That’s why these vases that hold our beautiful flowers need to be properly cared for.

But it’s not a matter of cleaning them with bleach, as you would a work surface. There are certain things you should do. What are they? Here is an article that tells you about them. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn some of the things you need to know about cleaning a marble vase.

1. Contact a specialist company


Because marble is synonymous with luxury and elegance, it must be treated with particular care. Nothing could be more practical than to contact a marble company. These professionals know exactly how to care for your precious objects according to their materials.

Experienced and efficient, the company meets your needs while treating your marble vases with the utmost care. Afterwards, they will shine as brightly as when they were made. The touch of elegance and finesse in your home will be enhanced.

If you don’t want to contact a professional marble decorator, you can clean your marble vases yourself. If you feel like a handyman, you shouldn’t have too much trouble doing it. Here are some other tips that will be very useful!

2. Using Meudon white

Also known as Spanish white, Meudon white is a natural product in the form of a very fine powder. It is very practical at home and has cleaning, polishing and even decorative properties. It is the perfect product to clean a marble vase.

First, mix the fine powder with water, gradually until you have a light, liquid paste. Then dip a clean cloth into the mixture and use it to rub the surface of the marble. Repeat the process for a few minutes.

The rubbing will remove dust, stains and other deposits that dull the shine of your marble vases. Then wipe it with a clean cloth, and you’re done!

3. Using clay stone

Well known as white stone, clay stone is a natural derivative, very much preferred for household care. Used for polishing, it effectively removes water marks, dust and scale from your marble objects. It just needs to be used properly.

You will need a damp sponge to use the clay stone. You will need to rub the stone to retain some of the material. Then, as with the other products, polish the surface of the marble. Finish by rinsing with clear water.

If there are stubborn clay stains, then wipe the surface with a soft microfibre cloth. This is easier than doing it by hand.

4. Shine your marble with linseed oil

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Extracted from natural linseed, linseed oil is widely used for beautifying purposes. It nourishes and protects furniture, while giving it a satisfying shine. As a product for your marble vase, it couldn’t be better.

How to use it? First, put a few drops of linseed oil on a soft, clean cloth. You don’t need to use it a lot. Then gently rub the marble. After a few minutes, wipe the surface with another cloth.

This will allow the linseed oil to penetrate the material, cleaning away any impurities. You will be surprised to see your marble vase shine. This product is much more satisfactory than olive oil.

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