How to Clean the House When and After You Are Sick?

2023 New Year’s Home Resolutions: How to Keep Your House Clean

Travel bans were lifted and governments are no longer imposing social restrictions and yet the COVID-19 pandemic is still wreaking havoc in several countries across the globe, causing a global crisis and forcing many economies to slow down. The pandemic has also created numerous challenges that healthcare professionals have never experienced in their careers. But the coronavirus, while taking a toll on the global economy and healthcare, has also changed the cold and flu season in an intriguing way.

There is no fixed date but the flu season occurs mostly during the winter and fall months. For instance, in the US, the flu season can start as early as October but doesn’t get into full swing until December. During the last two years, however, COVID has had a huge impact on both flu and common respiratory illnesses. America, for instance, was experiencing an unusually high uptick in cold infections. There are some countries that are hardly struck by influenza when they are beyond the winter season. But, this year, we saw how common cold viruses thrive in these countries.

There’s no denying it – COVID-19 has reshaped the cold and flu season. This means that at any point, you could find yourself lying in bed snuggled up with a cold.

You probably know that when you are sick, your energy is low and your abilities to perform task are compromised. But, what happens when you live alone and you’ve got a ton of household chores to do?

You can always call in sick at work but you can’t postpone cleaning. So, here’s what you have to do.

Cleaning WHEN YOU ARE Sick

Cleaning WHEN YOU ARE SickWhen you are down with flu, all you want to do is to sleep. It’s fine to stay in bed all day as long as you don’t have to sleep in a messy and dirty house.

Dirty floors, bathroom surfaces and kitchen counters are particular susceptible to bacteria and parasites and you being already sick doesn’t mean it can’t get worse. When you are infected with the flu, experts agree that good hygiene practices and a clean house are imperative.

But, what if I don’t have any family member to take care of my cleaning chores when I’m sick?

Hire Cleaning Experts

Recruiting a cleaning service to clean your house can make your life easier and prevent you from scrubbing bathroom floors while being sick. When you delegate the cleaning liabilities to a cleaning service, you won’t need to find the energy to tidy, wash and vacuum.

Finding the Motivation to Clean

I don’t know for what specific reason, but let’s say on that day, you are unable to find any professional cleaning service and have to rely on yourself.

It’s really hard to get up when you are suffering from headaches, sore throats and nasal congestion. But, it’ll be a big mistake to sleep in a house that can anytime become a breeding ground for bacteria.

Just like how money is your motivation to get up and go to work, similarly, you can easily find a motivation to get out of your bed and clean the house.

It could be anything. Maybe some nice music. Or, it could also be the comfort you’ll find after cleaning the house.

Cleaning AFTER You Are Sick

Cleaning AFTER You Are SickWhen you get back to health, the first priority is to make sure you do a thorough job cleaning the house.

It must have been nice not going to work, resting in bed, waking up late and watching movies for a few days, but I’m sure you don’t want to fall sick all over again. So, better get rid of those germs!

Here are some tips to help you clean the house:

  • Have your disinfectant wipes ready
  • Have your cleaning checklist ready
  • Aim at removing unnecessary clutter
  • Start with one room at a time
  • Make sure all the floors are spotless



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