Keeping The House Clean With Little Ones: 8 Hacks


When your baby starts crawling, of course, that’s a beautiful thing, but it also means a messy house. During the first year after birth, you get used to leaving dishes in the sink and overflowing laundry baskets untouched, but as your baby moves around more and more, you have to take into account chalk on the walls, spilled cornflakes on the carpet, toys lying around, and so on.

Some moms and dads (especially those with older children) take clutter for granted, but others are concerned about everything from their guests’ appearance to their little one’s exposure to germs. If you are one of those people, don’t worry. Here are some tips for cleaning a messy house with a baby that will make a big difference in both your home and your mental health.

1) Keep a Supply of Wipes

Water wipes can be your best friend. When cleaning, if you have small children, it is essential to make the environment livable. With baby wipes, you can quickly clean up baby food spills (before they dry out and become impossible to remove). Also, if your child gets a sharpie, a little toothpaste on the wipe can be helpful. Wiping with water is also a great way to clean a leather sofa; after a few wipes, it will be as good as new.

2) Squatting

Children crawl on the floor a lot, so a little bit of bacteria is not a problem (in fact, it may be healthy), but it is best not to put them in contact with too many germs. Squatting allows you to see how dirty it is and clean it. There may also be safer items lying around out of reach of your child who can now grip them.

3) Turn Cleaning Into a Game

It is best to clean while your child is napping, but if you are too tired (or if your child is unlucky enough not to nap), try turning cleaning into a game and get your little one involved. Besides, many toddlers love the sound of the vacuum cleaner and love to watch you clean.

4) Set Up a Separate Space for Visitors

If your house is messy or your children are busy, and you are afraid that visitors will judge you, prioritize the room where they will be coming and keep the doors to the other rooms closed. This really is better for everyone!

5) Place Baskets or Boxes in Each Room

This is the best tip because it is an easy way to tidy up a room that only takes a few seconds.

Cleaning Tips and Tricks for Busy Moms - Baby Chick

6) Open The Window

Fresh air removes unwanted odors and smells and gives you more vitality.

7) Change Your Mindset (Even if Only a Little)

A messy house may seem like you can’t manage everything, but in reality, it just means that you are a tired parent with kids roaming free and still too young to keep an eye on them. Try to change your mind so you can let go a little more. The more your child grows, the more everything can be adjusted as you wish, and the more time you will have. Until then, enjoy the moment.

8) Set Up a Cleaning Routine

Trying to thoroughly clean your house with your children is like brushing your teeth while eating Oreos. It is impossible and feels completely overwhelming. Developing a cleaning routine can help ease the burden of the time it takes to clean.

For instance, your cleaning routine may involve deciding which rooms and tasks to clean each day of the week, each week, and each month. For example, Monday is the day you can wash the floors.

Let us know if these few tips have helped in the comments below!

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