How to Clean Stain on Satin


How to Clean Stain on Satin

Cleaning satin can be tricky, although you followed these steps. After you’ve brushed away any debris, apply a few drops of mild dish soap to the fabric, rub the dish soap into the fabric with a soft cloth until suds form, and dab the stain with a clean cloth; still, the stain on your satin fabric is not gone! Don’t be desperate! Follow our tips, and your satin will be cleaned.

 Removing DIY and gardening stains from satin

 Oil-based paint stains

 To remove a glycerine paint stain from a satin fabric:

 – Dip the garment into a basin filled with warm water and vinegar.

 – Once the stain is gone, immerse your garment in a water bath with a sugar cube.

 – Dry flat.

 Be careful: satin is difficult to clean and dry (it gets deformed). For more efficiency, take your garment to the dry cleaner.

 Grease stains

 To clean a grease stain on satin:

 – Apply butter to the stain with a knife.

 – Let it soak in for half a day.

 – Wipe with a cloth soaked in soapy water.

 – Wash with clean water.

 Mechanical oil stains

 To remove a motor oil stain on a satin garment:

 – Place talcum powder on the stain.

 – Let it sit for a few minutes.

 – If the stain persists, add ammonia water to a cloth.

 – Press a damp paper towel to absorb the residue.

 Another effective detergent: hand cleaner for mechanics.

 Glue stains

 To get rid of a glue stain on satin:

 – Remove the surface filler with a spoon.

 – Place a paper towel over the stain.

 – Heat with a not-hot iron.

 Soot stains

 To get rid of a soot stain on satin:

 – Pour Montmorillonite on the stain.

 – Let it act for a few moments.

 – Brush the stain.

 Cleaning a food stain on satin

 Red wine stains

 To remove a red wine stain from satin:

 – Dab the area with a cloth soaked in sparkling water.

 – Complete with rubbing alcohol.

 – Wipe with a damp cloth.

 White wine stains

 – Press a sheet of blotting paper on the stain to absorb a maximum of wine.

 – Rub, if necessary, with a cotton cloth soaked in hydrogen peroxide.

 – Wash with clean water.

 Another effective detergent is bleach.

 Coffee stains

 To remove a coffee stain from satin:

 – Press a paper towel on the stain.

 – Rub with a cloth soaked in diluted vinegar.

 – If traces remain, remove them with a cloth soaked in rubbing alcohol.

 Grape stains

 To remove a grape stain from a satin underside, for example:

 – Apply a tissue soaked in an equal amount of rubbing alcohol, acetic acid, and water to the stain.

 – Rub the stain until it disappears completely.

 Beer stains

To remove a beer stain from satin, apply a cotton ball containing rubbing alcohol to the stain.

 Cleaning toiletry stains on satin


Sweat stains

To get rid of a sweat stain on satin:

 – Smear the stain with lemon.

 – Press a square of paper towel to remove the residue.

Perfume stains

To remove a perfume stain from satin: rub the area with a cloth soaked in alcohol and water.

Nail polish stains

To remove a nail polish stain on satin:

 – Rub the stain with a cloth soaked in amyl acetate.

 – Rinse.

Other effective detergents: Montmorillonite and acetone.

Removing stationery and decorative stains from satin

Candle stains

To get rid of a candle stain on satin:

 – Cover the stained area with a tissue.

 – Approach the soleplate of an iron on medium power.

 – If the stain is too embedded:

 ◦ Sprinkle the remaining stain with Montmorillonite.

 ◦ Wait a few hours.

 ◦ Brush.

Stains of modeling paste

To get rid of a modeling paste stain on satin:

 – Scrape off the paste with a knife.

 – Soap the rest with a sponge moistened with Marseille soap.

 – Wash with clear water.

Ink stains from felt-tip pens and markers

To remove marker ink stains on satin, rub the stain with a cotton ball soaked in milk.

Other effective detergents: rubbing alcohol at 90° or the juice of a lemon.

Permanent ink ballpoint pen stains

To remove a permanent ink stain from a satin blouse, for example, rub the stain with a cloth soaked in hair spray.

Other effective detergents: vinegar and, methylated spirits, hot milk.

Fluorescent stains or highlighter

A fluorescent stain on satin? Rub the stain with a little rubbing alcohol on a cloth.

Carbon paper stains

To remove a carbon paper stain from satin: wipe with a cloth soaked in water and white vinegar.

Removing various stains from satin

Cigarette stains/burns and nicotine

To clean a cigarette stain on satin:

 – Prepare a solution containing a special wool detergent.

 – Immerse the satin fabric in this solution.

 – Rinse in a vinegar water bath with a sugar cube.

Stains of unknown origin

To remove a stain of unknown origin on satin:

 – Dip the satin in a basin filled with special wool detergent and water.

 – Wash in a mixture of clear water, vinegar, and a sugar cube.

 – Does the stain-resist this treatment? Take your satin linen to a dyer.

That’s it. Hope you manage to clean out that dirty stain from your satin fabric. Remember to share your experience in the comments below.

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