12 Cleaning Hacks To Make Your Life Easier


You have a crazy schedule and a million things on your mind, and sometimes your hectic life has you leaving the thought of cleaning in the dust–no pun intended. Cleaning up your room, apartment, or house is a necessary evil- and we totally get it, but consistently “forgetting” to clean will eventually come back to bite you, and hard. Not to mention your living space serves as a reflection of your mindset; a tidy atmosphere lends to a rational, balanced, stress-free mentality whereas a cluttered room triggers scattered thoughts.

That said, cleaning doesn’t have to suck away every ounce of energy you might have remaining after a long week. Here are some handy dandy shortcuts to make cleaning those tricky spots around your house a cinch! These brilliant hacks utilize household items you probably have lying around already. So what are you waiting for? Make life easier for yourself right now!

1. Eliminate garbage stink with lemon.

Citrus works wonders for de-stinking that lingering garbage smell. Toss half a lemon, or some rough lemon peels into your disposal. The acid from the fruit and peels breaks up garbage build-up while leaving a fresh scent.

2. Use vinegar for hard water spots.

Why empty your wallet on expensive cleaning products when this ordinary household item does the trick? White vinegar acts as a miracle cleaning fluid when it comes to hard water spots. Simply whip up a 50/50 mixture of vinegar and water, pour the solution in a spray bottle, and voila–an uber-affordable answer to that stubborn hard water crust!


3. Use baking soda as a natural deodorizer.

This cheap and versatile household staple offers countless of uses, but it’s especially efficient as a natural deodorizer! Where most air fresheners contain a boatload of chemicals that come with their own set of dangers, baking soda acts as an eco-friendly, safe, and affordable alternative. Simply mix a tablespoon of baking soda with a few drops of essential oil, dilute with water, and pour the solution into a spray bottle.

4. Freshen up a room with dryer sheets.

If you have an air conditioner, keep your room smelling lovely by simply placing a few dryer sheets over the base of your air filter. This simple trick freshens up a room like none other. This works as a safer, cheaper, and longer lasting alternative to candles or plugin air fresheners!

5. Clean your toilet with cola.

The ever-popular beverage works wonders when it comes to cleaning toilets. Why? Coke contains carbonic and phosphoric acid that makes it an uber-powerful cleaning agent! Pour a cup or two of coke around the rim of your toilet bowl and let the mixture sit for at least an hour, flush, and step back to observe a sparkling clean bowl!

6. Pick up dust with a lint roller.

When you don’t have time to bust the vacuum out, lint rollers have got you covered. You can use them on anything- wood, glass, carpet, you name it! And the best part? These handy appliances can fit just about everywhere, ensuring that you cover every nook and cranny possible, without having to move big pieces of furniture around. Lint rollers also prove themselves efficient in cleaning out dust and other junk from drawers or handbags.

7. Clean pots and pans with this foolproof combo.

Ever feel hopeless scrubbing away at those pesky rust stains from burnt pots and pans? Vinegar and baking soda will put an end to your troubles. Simply add a 50/50 mixture of vinegar and hot water to your dish-ware followed by a few tablespoons of baking soda. Allow the fizzing solution to hang out for a bit before scrubbing at the icky leftovers, which should disappear easily and painlessly at this time.

8. Make crumbs disappear with tape.

Too lazy to break out the broom and dustpan to remove crumbs? Good ole’ duct tape will do the trick. Just stick the tape to the floor, pull it away, and voila! Your crumbs have disappeared. As a rule of thumb, instead of constantly peeling away at the roll for new tape, you can use the same piece multiple times. Too easy!

9. Freshen up your bathroom with a drop of essential oil.

For a brilliant way to keep your bathroom smelling pleasant as ever, put a couple drops of your favourite essential oil on the inside of your toilet paper roll. The faint, lovely aroma will linger without dispersing or smelling too intense.


10. Eliminate rust with lemon and salt.

Instead of opting for chemical-laden detergent products, say good riddance to rust with these ordinary household items instead! Lemon and salt form a killer cleaning combo thanks to their acidic and exfoliating powers. Simply dip half of a lemon into some table salt and vigorously rub fruit over the problem area. That stubborn rust will disappear before you know it!

11. Use white vinegar as fabric softener.

Why waste money on pricey fabric softener brands when vinegar works just as well? This powerful, versatile fluid will soften up your clothes while removing any remaining detergent and preventing colours from leeching. Add a fourth of a cup to your final rinse cycle and be prepared to notice a softer, silkier difference!

12. Say buh-bye to smudges and smears with wax paper.

Chrome fixtures like faucets accumulate smudges and fingerprints super easily. Simply break out some wax paper and rub it over these fixtures for a shiny, smear-free finish!

If these awesome cleaning hacks saved you time and money and you’re hungry for more, feel free to check out the rest of our blog for more articles you will love.

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