Stains 101: How to Clean Couch Cushions


If you have pets, kids, or are very maladroit; you may struggle to get rid of a stain on your couch. A dirty paw, a drop of coffee, soil, or any kind of dust are part of life, and you won’t be able to avoid them forever, so better prepare yourself to face these challenges. This article will teach you how to clean your couch cushions.

Removable vs. Non-Removable Cushion Cleaning 

Some variety of cushions are removable and can be washed in a machine, so it is easy to just remove them and throw them in the washing machine following the instructions. Another type of fabric will need you to do a spot treatment, of course, still be following the instructions of the furniture maker.

How Often Should You Clean Your Couch Cushions 


Cleaning couch cushions or other types of upholstery does not need a specific cleaning time frame. It is recommended to vacuum your couch and other upholstered furniture weekly and do a deep clean monthly, but we all know that we do not have that much free time each week to vacuum.

You may also get your upholstery professionally cleaned; consider looking for someone who has the experience and won’t ruin your couch cushions.

If you want to do it yourself, we have made a few step-by-step tutorials to help you…

What You’ll Need; 

Equipment / Tools

  • Rubber gloves
  • Vacuum with upholstery attachments
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Bucket
  • Upholstery brush


  • Upholstery stain remover
  • ½ teaspoon dye-free, gentle dish soap
  • Warm water


1. Remove Pet Hair

You may think that this is very difficult, but it is not, and I have a quick tip for you. Put on a pair of rubber gloves and run them over the concerned surface.

2. Vacuum

Using the upholstery attachment on your vacuum, move it in short, overlapping lines from left to the right. Change over to the crevice nozzle and vacuum between the seams and under the cushions.

3. Treat The Stains

white and black bed frame with white throw pillows

There are two ways to treat stains – it can be through water or solvent-based cleaner. Let the solution sink in and blot the stain with a microfiber cloth. Do not scrub only blot as you can spread the farther or cause damage as you may break down the cloth. This will depend on the fabric; you may look at the instructions to know what you should move on with.

You should also know the source of the stain to know what to do to get rid of it; some stains that are difficult to remove are grease, blood, and ink compared to juice or soda.

4. Wash It

Mix half a teaspoon of dye-free dish soap with warm water in a small bucket. Use only an upholstery brush and gently run it around; remember that you should not soak the fabric. When you are done, wipe everything down with a clean damp cloth and let it dry completely before using it again.

Tips To Keep Upholstery Clean Longer

Every day is a battlefield when you are trying to keep your cushions perfectly clean- an accident can happen very quickly, even if you take precautions.

There are now stain guard sprays available to shield the fabric from some staining. However, it happens by misfortune. You should never let it sit, act quickly. If your couch is starting to smell, you can sprinkle some baking soda and let it sit for about 15 to 20 minutes before vacuuming the powder.

If you can wash your cushions in the washing machine, I would recommend you to do so, but if not, a spot treatment should be fine. Let us know in the comments how do you deal with stains…

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