Did You Know: The Secret to a Really Clean House Is in the Bible

Did You Know: The Secret to a Really Clean House Is in the Bible

I always like to start with something personal, so please bear it with me!

Frankly speaking, years ago, I despised any cleaning chore that required me to get off of my ass and dust something or pick something up off the floor. I do suspect that if I wasn’t then living with my parents, I probably would have been living in a pig’s den because there were many and many occasions when I simply didn’t feel like “moving”, you know. It was always a NO to cleaning for me. A very cold and firm negative NO.

However, one day, while sharing the Gospel, the pastor of my church preached on the importance of cleaning a house. He spoke on the need for Christians to have a clean and neat home. Back then, the sermon got me into instant cleaning mode. I dragged my feet, slumped my shoulders like a mopey teen, whingeing out loud, “Oh God, pleeeeeeze give me strength,” and then started with the overwhelming process called “cleaning.”

I confess that I fought tooth and nail to keep the house tidy. In fact, even today I’m still scrubbing the same dishes, washing the same clothes and sweeping the same floors. And, fact is, I still don’t like doing it, but it does give me a great satisfaction after I have spent hours and hours –that’s right, I’m a slow cleaner –doing the cleaning. I just plain sit back, and with a huge smile on my face, I congratulate myself for doing such a great job. That part of life is now more manageable – thanks to the pastor and his sermon – but I’ve found that even in cleaning, you’ve got to have tips and tricks.

As a follower of Christ, I’ve come to believe that a clean home represents a blessing and a joyful place. However, even Christians, while cleaning out closets and sweeping under the beds, think about getting the chores out of the way as quickly as possible. And, sometimes, when you have kids, a spouse and a job to handle, you want to get it done faster. That’s when folks turn to certain “shortcuts.” But, as it is said, “there are no shortcuts to any place worth going.”

Cleaning a cluttered house can be so revolting that it can drive anyone to despair. This is the reason why even I’ve tried a few cleaning tricks, especially when it comes to the bathroom and the kitchen. But, my dear friends, I think it’s high time to break these “useless” habits and use a more Biblical approach to cleaning.

Clean and Pray, Pray and Clean

Clean and Pray, Pray and CleanIn my life, I had a lot of people saying I’m the type with weird ideas and what I’m going to tell you is going to make you think like those people.

You see, the usual protocol is to clean while listening to some of your favorite music – and I used to dance around the house with a mop and vacuum cleaner….all because of Hillsong music. But, gradually, I started combining prayers and cleaning.

The idea sounds a bit strange because most people pray with eyes closed, hands pressed together and seated in a quiet place or a church. Personally, I believe that all you need is a pure heart and clean intentions.

Mopping the floors of your kids’ room while praying for their future and wellbeing or dusting the furniture in your living room while praying for your family is the best tip I know to have a cleaner home. Plus, don’t forget that you’ll be growing closer to God.

If you find this idea interesting, take a look at this article: A Clean Home Filled With Presence of God: Here’s How to Combine Cleaning and Prayers!


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