Did You Know: The Secret to a Really Clean House Is in the Bible (Part 2)


If you’ve come this far, it means you’ve read part one and know my story with house cleaning. When some read that post, they compared it with A&E’s Hoarders. But, you see that was really different from the show. There isn’t any background music or any voice-over building suspense. In real life, if you’d seen the mess I was living in, you’d have a look on your face that screamed OH GAWDD!

I’ve changed over the years, and I’m now trying my best to keep the house clean. However, I’m still lazy. But, for me, lazy = smart and wise = shortcut tricks.

Let me tell you what I did to make cleaning faster and easier.

I hate washing dishes so I’ve ditched all my kitchenware and started using Tupperware instead; after I use a dish, I immediately put hot water in it and it cleans really easily. You wouldn’t believe how many multi-surface wipes I’ve used to “mop”, dust and wipe. At one point, I’ve even stopped wearing shoes in the house so that all the floors stay clean. And, the weirdest trick I’ve tried was to stop inviting friends that were real slobs – that one was quite hard on me.

However, I didn’t really have any more free time for things I enjoyed with these “tips and tricks.” Instead, it seemed like I had more things to clean.

When it comes to house cleaning, it is often hard to find the time, energy and motivation for it, especially when you have a demanding job, carer responsibilities, small kids and other commitments. That’s why many of us turn to such “habits.” However, if you are a Christian and looking for the best way to get cleaning done faster and easier, this article is a must for you.

Let Christian Music Move You

Let Christian Music Move YouI’ve got a few faves from mainstream music (including the recent K-Pop phenomenon), but honestly, Christian music touches my heart like no other music can because it glorifies God. I’m not really a hymn kinda person but it would be foolish to deny that Christian music can be very calming, peaceful and at the same time uplifting and inspiring.

The reason why cleaning might be stressing you out is because you don’t see it as the right thing to do or because you’ve set standards that are way too unrealistic – come on, you know you can’t get all those piles of trash out of your house in one day. However, listening to Christian music while cleaning can bring an added benefit, which can also be great for relieving all that stress.

I’ve played and listened to different Christian groups – all while cleaning – and I witnessed the positive effect it had on my house, enhancing my experience of the worship at the same time.

Today, you’ll find different types of “worship music.” Each Christian band has its own version of it. But, these are the songs I always have on my playlist:

  • This Is How We Overcome by Hillsong United
  • My Redeemer Lives by Hillsong Worship
  • By Your Side by Hillsong Worship
  • Saved The Day by Planetshakers (From the “Free” Album)
  • Free by Planetshakers (From the “Free” Album)
  • Alive by Hillsong Young & Free
  • Turn It Up by Planetshakers (From the “Endless Praise” Album)
  • Days of Elijah by Judy Jacobs
  • Shout Your Name by Planetshakers (From the “Free” Album)
  • Trading My Sorrows by Darrell Evans
  • Joy by for King & Country (From “Burn the Ships” Album)
  • God Only Knows by for King & Country (From “Burn the Ships” Album)
  • Only Way by Planetshakers (From the “Rain” Album)

These music though simple, can rain a soothing and unifying peace on you. With these songs, you can worship, petition to God and at the same time clean your house. Just make sure your spouse or neighbours don’t catch you singing into your broom handle as if it’s a microphone.


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