Covid-19: Do Air Purifiers Help Fight The Spread Of The Virus?


Since the advent of the coronavirus pandemic and its spread, scientists have not stopped investing in research. Today, thanks to their efforts and to the evolution of technology, several tools are emerging to help fight this virus. Among them are air purifiers. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn some of the things you need to know about air purifiers.

What is an air purifier?


An air purifier is a device that filters the air in a closed or poorly sealed area. In its filtration process, it captures and releases polluted air to allow those in the vicinity to avoid contamination. This device is available in various ranges from approved suppliers. Each contains innovative features to effectively combat the spread of viruses.

An air purifier is, in itself, a tool that does not generate any secondary pollutants. This makes it an ideal device for fighting all types of viruses. Its use is also effective in the fight against the spread of coronavirus.

The effectiveness of air purifiers in the fight against Covid-19

An air purifier is an effective device in the fight against viruses, especially the coronavirus, with 99.6% efficiency. Its advantages are multiple. Firstly, it is a device that removes all kinds of pollution. Not only does it eliminate dust mites and pollens such as mould, but it also completely destroys all kinds of viruses and bacteria. Thanks to the evolution of technology, this instrument can eliminate and neutralize any kind of bad ardour.

Secondly, an air purifier has the capacity to treat large quantities of air quickly. Thanks to their digital display, they can easily process the state of the air in a house due to the number of chemical substances it releases. This leads to the destruction of viruses by oxidation. In addition to all this, it is easy to maintain.

How air cleaners work in the fight against Covid-19

The air purifier is an additional health prevention measure to eliminate the damage of Covid-19. It filters the indoor air and purifies it while removing the various sources of pollution and pollutants.

It works in several stages in the same way as a bedbug control system. First of all, a purifier sucks in the air present in a room in order to retain the particles. The sucked-in air passes through different filters so that the pollutants it contains are retained.

Then, depending on its capacity, the hoover can handle different volumes of air associated with a room. It is the perfect device to fight against the micro-particles present in the air. Once the vacuumed air is treated, the viruses that are retained by the filters are finally destroyed thanks to its powerful ventilation system.

Some types of air purifiers are recommended in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

The air purifiers recommended obtaining better air quality to fight against the spread of Covid-19 are multiple. However, a few are considered best and stand out for their ease of use and performance.

City S and City M air purifiers

These are air purifiers generally used in all types of indoor environments. These are mainly schools, offices, restaurants and hotel rooms that do not have a hot water production system. Their main objectives are to reduce odours and asthma, which are factors in viruses;

CC 2000 and 6000 air cleaners


This range of hoovers is often used in sectors such as transport, logistics, trade or health care for the care of a patient’s body. They are also effective in construction and even demolition operations.

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