How to Clean an Electric Kettle

A good option to prepare our infusions, mate, coffee, iced teas or flavored water is the electric kettle, a small device that saves us a lot of time and money when we cook. However, if it is not cleaned, it tends to accumulate limescale and dirt.

To be able to consume your infusions, coffees and matés in a healthy way, we teach you how to remove limescale from the electric kettle with homemade tips that will leave it as shiny as the first day.

If you’re an infusion, coffee or mate lover, you probably have an electric kettle or carafe at home. The ease and frequency of use makes us forget to clean it frequently and thus favors the accumulation of limescale or scale.

If you end up with an electric kettle that has greenish stains, whitish stains or a bad smell, put your batteries in! You’re drinking your favorite teas from a dirty kettle full of lime scale. Remember that the build-up of lime and dirt can slow down its operation and, with it, consume more energy than necessary.

On this occasion, we are going to focus on providing you with the best homemade tips for cleaning the electric kettle, so have a pen and paper handy, you will love to know what homemade tips we use.

How to Clean and Descale the Electric Kettle?

On the market, you can find various detergents, including degreasers, to remove limescale from the electric kettle. You can perfectly opt for them, but first, we recommend that you clean your kettle with harmless and natural products such as vinegar, lemon or baking soda.

With White Vinegar

White vinegar is probably the best product to clean your kettle. Its limescale removing properties are magnificent. In fact, one of the best tips for removing limescale from crystal glasses and tumblers is to soak them in white vinegar.

To clean the electric kettle, you can use only white vinegar or dilute it with water. If the kettle is very dirty, we recommend that you use vinegar only.

To do this, simply follow these steps:

– Pour two or three cups of white vinegar (special for cleaning) into the electric kettle.

– Close the lid and let the vinegar boil for 15 to 20 minutes.

– Carefully empty the vinegar from the kettle and rinse with a little water.

This rinse is sufficient if you use white vinegar (special cleaning). If you use another type of vinegar, there will probably be traces of odor after rinsing. If this is your case, we recommend boiling a batch of water to clarify it and remove any trace of vinegar odor.

With Lemon

Another great tip for cleaning the electric carafe is to use lemon juice. Yes, as you read! Lemon juice has excellent anti-limescale properties. To clean the electric carafe with lemon, follow these steps:

– Squeeze two lemons and pour their juice into the kettle.

– Pour in two cups of water. Close the lid and let the mixture boil.

– Turn off the kettle and let the mixture sit for at least 3 hours.

– Drain the mixture and you will see that the lime scale is gone.

The best thing about using this homemade tip is that the kettle will be shiny, odorless and disinfected. For frequent cleaning, it is 100% recommended.

With Baking Soda

You can also use baking soda to clean the electric kettle. To do this, simply mix 1/2 cup of white vinegar, 2 tablespoons of baking soda and two cups of water. Let the mixture sit for 20 to 30 minutes and that’s it. It is important that the kettle is unplugged, this is a cold cleaning. Once the time is up, remove the mixture and rinse thoroughly with cold water.



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