Corona Virus: The Perfect Guide To Disinfect Your House.


The coronavirus is more difficult to eradicate than we first thought. While waiting for a reliable vaccine, disinfecting the house is a must since the Covid-19 health crisis has led to a growing concern about germs in the home. Unfortunately, techniques for disinfecting contaminated surfaces are now part of everyday cleaning. However, you don’t have to become a cleaning guru. Here are our tips for disinfecting your home during COVID19.

This article explains how to disinfect your home properly. These disinfection methods can be a part of your cleaning process before you move in or after a renovation, for example.

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Disinfecting Your House During The Pandemic.

Why does everyone suddenly want to disinfect their apartment or house?

In the current sanitary context, disinfection is particularly looked at to eliminate all potential traces of the virus in the home. Cleaning is indeed an effective way to fight against germs.

More generally, some home areas are conducive to the development of bacteria and must be cleaned regularly. For example, a refrigerator must be cleaned and disinfected regularly to avoid contamination of the food it contains.

The kitchen is an area of the home that must be disinfected with care as it is the place where meals are prepared and, therefore, a point of contact with food. The bathroom is a humid area of the house, where germs can quickly develop, and it is important to clean the bathroom regularly and effectively.

How to disinfect an apartment?

What products should be used to disinfect a house?

To understand the right products to use, it is necessary to understand the difference between cleaning and disinfecting. Cleaning is the act of making clean, removing dirt, while disinfection is to eliminate germs. For cleaning, you can use natural products like white vinegar. On the other hand, to disinfect, chemical products are essential.

Bleach is an excellent virucide and an economical disinfectant. However, before using a bleach-based product, it is advisable to respect the precautions for use. Bleach is corrosive to the skin and mucous membranes, so it must be handled with care.

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Disinfect surfaces that are often touched.

Which surfaces should be disinfected?

As part of the fight against the virus, paying particular attention to the following surfaces is recommended.

Door handles
Light switches
Telephone and computer screens and keyboards
Stair railings
Elevator buttons in condominiums.

These are all surfaces that are regularly in contact with the hands. To reduce the presence of the virus on these surfaces, simple gestures apply, such as washing your hands regularly with hydro-alcoholic solutions. To be sure of the effectiveness of your hydro-alcoholic gel, simply check the legal information, including the alcohol content, which must be between 60 and 80%.

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You may call a cleaning company.

How much does it cost to disinfect a house?

To guarantee a clean and healthy house, the best way is to call upon a cleaning company. Depending on the service provider and the extent of the cleaning, the price can vary greatly.

For the routine cleaning of a house, some company offers a cleaning service starting from 30 dollars per hour or some cleaning services quotes per square foot, so it really depends on the company you have contacted. Normally all companies come with their own products, so you do not have to worry about going around looking for disinfectants.

Remember that calling a cleaning company is not compulsory to disinfect your house, you can follow our tips to have a covid-free house.

You now have all the information you need to keep your home healthy and clean. Let us know in the comment whether you think disinfecting the house is a good idea or not….

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