How to Use and Care For Your Steam Cleaner

Steam Cleaner

How to Use and Care For Your Steam Cleaner

For safety reasons, it is strongly recommended that you read the instructions carefully before using a steam cleaner.

A steam cleaner is an easy-to-use device whose maintenance is simple and only requires regular descaling. It can be used in different ways depending on the cleaned surface and the nozzle used.

Starting up the cleaner

To start a steam cleaner, the procedure is simple:

Connect the power supply and fill the tank with a funnel (optional).

Once the tank is full, press the heating button and wait a few minutes.

Once the water has been transformed into steam, a light indicates that the device is operational and ready to be used.

Install the chosen nozzle at the end of the tube and release the steam by pressing the button under the steam gun.

Note: To find out if the surface you want to treat can withstand the heat of the steam, perform a test on a hidden area or a sample. Pay particular attention to the resistance of treated, painted, lacquered, synthetic, or waxed surfaces.

Using the steam cleaner

steam cleaner is useful in many areas, for instance, cleaning floors and washable vertical walls.

First, vacuum or make the first pass without putting a cloth on the nozzle to remove the dust.

The steam cleaner is used in the same way as a vacuum cleaner, with the floor nozzle dragged over the surface to be cleaned in a back-and-forth movement:

Activate the steam jet control regularly.

The steam is released on the surface to be treated; it loosens and captures the dust.

This dust is then collected by a cloth placed on the nozzle. If your cloth is dirty, turn it over to use a clean surface.

Please note: do not apply too much pressure on fragile carpets.

For tight, hard-to-reach areas

A small brush is necessary for windows, vehicle interiors, or hidden areas. It’s handy because it tilts toward the most inaccessible dirt.

A cap, or small rag hat, attaches to the small brush.

The steam loosens the dirt that the cap recovers.

For fragile surfaces

Do not spray directly on fragile surfaces such as wood, curtains, velvet, or even skins.

In this case, there are two solutions:

Spray from a safe distance.

Place a thick cotton ball on the brush and spray it with steam. Then, rub this cotton on the sensitive area.

Deodorizing and smoothing clothes

Spray steam on your clothes from a distance of 50 centimeters. The steam tightens the fibers.

Watering and refreshing indoor plants

Spray steam from 50 centimeters away. The tiny droplets leave a refreshing feeling for your plants.

Clean radiators

Spray the steam with the gun and then recover the steam with a dry cloth. Do the same for stairs, door jambs, or other window frames.

Removing black stains from tile grout

Steam cleaners can achieve excellent results when detergents and elbow grease are ineffective. Tile grout is a difficult surface to clean. Spray the steam on the grout and scrub it in a side-to-side motion to loosen it. Then, rinse thoroughly with clear water to remove the dirt that has come off.

To shine your windows

To shine the windows, you must use the scraper among the accessories. It would help if you carry out the action in two steps:

1. Spray the steam in a vertical movement.

2. Pass the squeegee in a vertical movement to remove the water.

Note: In winter, too significant a difference in temperature between the steam and the outside can cause thermal shock. It is better to prepare for the operation by spraying a little steam on the windows from a safe distance.

Maintaining your steam cleaner

Steam Cleaner

Before performing any maintenance on your steam cleaner, you must turn off the power.

A few precautions should be taken to take care of your steam cleaner:

At high temperatures, depending on the degree of hardness of your local water, limescale build-up can damage and shorten the life of the appliance. To prevent this damage, inject a dose of biodegradable anti-limescale solution into the tank before turning on the unit.

You can clean the outer shell of the steam cleaner with a damp cloth. Rinse accessories with clean water.


Never violate the safety rules mentioned in the manual of the device. Mainly, please do not force the opening of the safety cap, beware of the heat of the steam jet, do not pull on the cable to unplug it, and keep the device flat.

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