Why Hire Professionals for Commercial Window Cleaning Services?

The windows in your office may go unnoticed, but they are more valuable than they seem. Windows and light fixtures are indispensable elements in interior design because natural light has a beneficial and relaxing effect on the human mind.

While it’s inevitable that office windows get dirty from time to time, regular quality cleaning will help keep them in the best possible condition for an extended period. Although we tend to think that window cleaning is a simple task, the truth is that many factors need to be taken into consideration to achieve the perfect result.

Many window and glass cleaning companies have different methods and tools for these tasks. Here are some reasons why it’s best to hire a professional cleaning company when it comes to cleaning windows for commercial properties:

1) The Tools

The truth is that there is no predefined list of tools needed, as there are many factors to take into account.

The tools depend mainly on the location of the windows. Washing windows outside is not the same as inside. In addition, if the windows are pretty high, a ladder or pole will be needed, and so other elements that guarantee safe work.

In other words, tools for cleaning large and high windows are not the same as tools for cleaning more accessible windows. Generally, you will also always need at least one professional window cleaning product and at least a cloth or brush to apply the product.

2) Location of Window Panes

The placement of window panes is one of the factors that will most affect the cleaning of office and shop windows. For instance, the interior glass will be affected by hand stains or dust due to the daily activities that may take place in the workplace. On the other hand, exterior glass can be affected by weather conditions such as rain or windblown sand.

In addition, we must not forget that inaccessible areas of the glass will never be cleaned as we won’t probably have the same professional tools as experts to do so. Yes, there might be glass-cleaning devices on the market, however, their prices can be exorbitant while experts already possess those, and you won’t have to pay as much when hiring them.

3) Types of Window Stains

If you want to clean your windows optimally, you need to know what kind of dirt is present on them and what causes them to find suitable tools and products to get rid of it. Professionals have the knowledge and necessary skills for this.

For instance, mud is commonly found on windows due to weather conditions. It is ideal for scraping it off with a non-aggressive brush before applying any product to ensure it comes off and prevent it from spreading when getting it wet.

If your office is located in a large city, your glass will likely have stains caused by pollution that will darken your windows and prevent you from achieving full cleanliness.

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4) Professional Window Cleaning Products

Just like the tools, the products needed will depend on factors such as the glass’s location, which will help determine the type of stain and its condition. Besides, experts can find the appropriate method and solution quickly for different types of glass palcements, locations, etc. For instance, for interior glass cleaning, they will usually find a way to clean it without requiring much water since drying conditions may not be sufficient.

For professional glass cleaning with material or adhesive residue, you will need more aggressive products such as alcohol or acetone.

As you can see, the easiest and most cost-effective option is undoubtedly to hire a professional service that will do an excellent job. The Quality Window Washers LLC team has the necessary expertise and equipment to handle window cleaning services for residential and commercial clients. They operate both in Montreal, Canada, and Charleston, USA. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with them!

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