What Are Some of the Best Classic Cleaning Products That Have Stood the Test of Time?

What Are Some of the Best Classic Cleaning Products That Have Stood the Test of Time?

When you talk of cleaning –be it a house, a garden or an office – cleaning supplies and detergents are a must. And, no matter how much efficient the typical plain old white vinegar might be, you need some classic commercial cleaning products.


BoraxBorax, also known as sodium tetraborate, disodium tetraborate, or sodium borate, is a naturally-occurring alkaline compound, mineral or salt of boric acid. This powdered Borax is usually white and consists of soft colorless crystals that can be dissolved easily in water.

In general, Borax has a wide variety of uses; it has been used as a component for enamel glazes; it is used in biochemistry to make buffer solution; it is used as a fire retardant; as a flux in metallurgy, as an anti-fungal compound; as a neutron-capture shield for radioactive sources, as a precursor for other boron compounds and in the manufacture of fiberglass. This “ingredient” can also be found in some specific household products like specialty toothpaste and mouthwashes or cosmetic products like skin creams, moisturizers, sunscreens, lotions and acne care products. However, Borax is most commonly used in our everyday world as a cleaner or cleaning additive.

When it comes to cleaning, Borax is a classic because it is non-toxic, biodegradable and safe to use around children and pets. Borax can be used to absorb the dirt in your washing machine; it can remove the grease and all the dirt on your kitchen counters; it can make your laundry smell better; it can get rid of pet urine odor; and there’s no denying that Borax can clean rust, grout, mold and mildew found in your bathroom. But, the best part about using Borax is that it works well at removing stains from clothing and carpet.

And, did you know that when used in combination with other cleaners, Borax can help to improve cleaning results?

For example, there are many who used to combine baking soda and Borax. Borax is a naturally occurring mineral that is used as a laundry booster; it helps to remove stains and dirt, and it also helps soften your clothes. On the other hand, baking soda is a natural deodorizer that can be used to get rid of bad smells in your refrigerator, freezer, or garbage can. So, if these two cleaning agents are combined, they can produce amazing results.

Borax has also been used to boost the power of laundry detergents. And, since it is a natural disinfectant, Borax has often been combined with floor cleaners and has helped to kill bacteria and keep surfaces clean. In addition, Borax can be used as a natural deodorizer, making it ideal for use in bathrooms and kitchens. So, if you want to use Borax for cleaning, simply add it to your favorite cleaning solution and a general rule of thumb is to always use at least one cup of Borax.

Peoples’ Reviews:

This was my grandmother’s go-to cleaning product and now it’s mine and I hope later on, it will become my daughter’s.” – From Layla

“One of my friends once suggested presoaking clothes with this product. This technique is one of my favorite (and easiest) ways to remove laundry stains now.” –From Taylor

“This is my cleaning recipe: mix one cup of Borax with one gallon of lukewarm water, and then place in a spray bottle. Then spray on the moldy surface, let it sit for a few minutes or so, and then wipe it away. Trust me, this works wonders.” –From Jessyca

“I like the idea of using natural products and a friend of mine who worked at a day care center suggested Borax since she had used it to remove stains from her work clothes, especially for formula and juice stains. I would best describe this product as reasonably priced (about $4 per 76 oz box) and very effective. I have used it to presoak laundry stains like blood, formula, grass, juice, etc.” – From Carrie


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