Top 5 More Tips For Cleaning Your Bookshelf (Part 2)


In part oneof this blog series, we gave some practical tips for cleaning your bookshelf; in this part, we will give you more tips for keeping your bookshelf and books clean. If you are a bibliophile and bookworm like me, then you have a bookshelf that is filled to the brim, and cleaning it is always a hassle.

However, if you love your books, you will do your best to clean your bookshelf regularly, which will help your books stay in good condition. As someone who has over 500 books and a wall that is entirely a bookshelf at this point, I know the struggle of cleaning bookshelves.

Having a bookshelf and a huge collection of books is fun and all, but it becomes absolute hell when you have to get your hands dirty to clean it. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this blog and learn some of our veteran tips on how to clean your bookshelf and how to keep it clean at all times.

1. Clean your bookshelves according to the material


Dusting is one of the most horrifying household chores if you don’t have the right techniques. Fortunately, there are several tips for dusting your bookcase and shelves while taking care of the various books you have on display. And without spending hours on it. Here are our tips on how to easily maintain your bookshelves and books.

If your bookshelf is made of wood, use a suitable product that will nourish the furniture while cleaning it thoroughly. If your shelf is made of laminate, a simple cloth that retains dust will suffice. Don’t hesitate to empty it and wax it once a year so that the wood keeps its shine.

You can use glass cleaner or newspaper for glass shelves, being careful not to leave any rag marks when rubbing. If you do, a cloth soaked in water and ammonia will do the trick. Finally, a metal storage unit can be cleaned simply with a sponge soaked in warm water and soap or dishwashing liquid.

2. Optimize the time to clean your shelfbookshelf

Save precious time by recycling your socks with holes, and you’re (naturally antistatic) spun tights! Slip them on your hand and dust them directly in the smallest corners of the shelf without any difficulty. This way, you avoid raising dust clouds and depositing more dust on other shelves or on the floor. This technique can be used for all the furniture in your living room for quick but efficient cleaning.

3. Empty and clean your bookcase


To clean the bookcase, you’ll have to empty the entire piece of furniture of the books and knick-knacks it contains. Yes, it can be long and laborious, but you will have a 100% clean bookcase! Next, remove the dust from top to bottom- always starting with the upper shelves- using a microfiber cloth.

This soft cloth will not damage the furniture while collecting the dust. You will then need to clean each book before putting it back in its place. Again, a simple microfiber cloth is more than enough. Don’t forget to vacuum the dust particles that have fallen to the floor. Now you just have to put everything back in place until the next thorough cleaning session!

4. Dust your books regularly


To prevent dust from accumulating, it is highly recommended to dust your books every two to three days. This is the key to a spotless library! With a feather duster or a microfiber cloth, remove dust from the edges of the books, being careful not to let dust mites get inside the pages. Depending on the type of cover (leather, paper, or plastic), choose a brush or a small brush, and don’t use any liquids as this could cause mold and damage your books.

5. Prevent dust from coming back too quickly



To avoid spending your days dusting your home, air your room well (at least ten minutes a day) and leave your shoes outside the house. To delay the formation of dust on your shelves, turpentine is a great ally. Mix it with olive oil and vinegar and feed your wooden furniture, which will then be free of dust mites for a week. You can also install your books in a glass bookcase, with doors that protect them from dust.

Sound off in the comments section below and tell us what you want to read next and if you want more tips on how to clean your bookshelf.

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