Cleaning Plaster Stains on the Floor: 2 Steps to Follow

A company is not always required to clean your floor once they have completed their installations in your home. If you are faced with such situations, you will need a guide to get through it. So, here are the steps you need to follow to clean your floor.

Preparation Before Cleaning

Since plaster is normally powdered, when it sits on a floor, it is bound to leave some residue on it. Manual cleaning will usually not get rid of it completely. In the worst case, you will only degrade your floor by leaving cleaning marks. You should also keep in mind that you could expose yourself to dust that could harm your health. Some preparation is necessary before you start.

First, get a protective dust suit. This clothing should include gloves to cover your hands. You will also need to protect your face and head. A helmet or hat with a mask will do the trick. Next, you’ll need to get some equipment that will be used for cleaning. This consists of a broom and a bead which are very important. In addition to that, you will need a vacuum cleaner, mop, white vinegar, and water. These different items will serve depending on the type of floor you are trying to clean.

The Actual Cleaning

The cleaning process will depend on the type of floor

A PVC floor

PVC is a material designed to resist stains and scratches. To that end, getting rid of plaster stains on a PVC floor is not too difficult. Even better, some tricks improve the cleaning result by making the floor shiny. So mix a liter of warm water with a cup of soda crystals. You will obtain a homogeneous solution that you will use to wash the floor. Don’t hesitate to use a microfiber broom to reach the entire floor. The plaster stains will give way and come off under the pressure of the broom. Once this work is finished, remember to rinse the floor with clear water. You will then have a brand new and gleaming floor.

A Tiled Floor

Cleaning is different when it comes to a tiled floor. The floor is quite smooth and therefore does not retain the waste and dirt that lands on it. Therefore, you can use your vacuum cleaner to get rid of the plaster residue on your floor. The vacuum cleaner you use must be appropriate for the circumstances. If you use your household vacuum cleaner, you risk damaging the equipment because it is not made for this kind of work. So, choose a job vac that can easily withstand this cleaning. After vacuuming the floor, it is advisable to finish off with a few strokes of the mop to rid your floor of stubborn plaster stains.

A Wooden Floor

Wood is a very ecological and trendy material among floor coverings. At the same time, it is very fragile and requires a certain amount of care to clean it. There is a very effective trick to clean a wooden floor and achieve a satisfactory result while preserving the material. You just need to prepare a mixture of hot water and vinegar. You will get a liquid compound that can then be used for cleaning. Then use a mop to apply the mixture to the floor. You will observe a spontaneous disintegration of all the plaster stains on your floor.

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