A Clean Home Filled With Presence of God: Here’s How to Combine Cleaning and Prayers (Part 4)

A Clean Home Filled With Presence of God: Here’s How to Combine Cleaning and Prayers (Part 4)

By now, you must have figured out that I’m a very spiritual Christian person and I let my faith determine my daily life.

You see, back then in my childhood days, both my parents had heavy work schedules and so they used to clean the house during the weekends. They would use that time to put on some Christian music or would simply pray while cleaning around the house. At that time, I would try to sync with them, but inside, I was like, “it’s not Sunday yet, so why are we praying?”

Fast forward to today and I admit, after 22 years of cleaning, I have a preference. Most of the time, people would listen to some upbeat music or watch their favorite TV show while cleaning; for me, I prefer praying.

I’ve heard from some that it’s a disgrace to God to have a broom in one hand, sweeping up crumbs, dust and dog hair while communicating with him. On a personal note, I believe that there is no protocol for praying. As long as you have pure intentions and willing in your heart, there’s nothing wrong in asking for the presence of God in your home while cleaning.

Master Bedroom

Master BedroomYears ago, my husband and I took a lot of time to think about key elements such as the color scheme, the furniture and the lighting of our master bedroom design. I’m sure you went through the same phase because this particular space of the house is like a haven. When you return back from a tiring and overwhelming day at work, your bedroom serves as a peaceful sanctuary. It also holds a special significance because it is the space where you spend at least 7-9 hours of sleep every night.

Since a master bedroom is connected with the quality of sleep and health, you need to make sure that it always stays clean and tidy. So, grab your cleaning supplies and let’s get to work.

Dirty clothing can not only be found in the kids’ room. The most effective way to start cleaning your bedroom is by getting rid of all dirty clothes – and please spare yourself from the misery of pulling shirts right side out and unrolling socks.

Next comes the great debate of who has to make the bed. If you get carried away in this argument, you won’t have time to clean the floors, wash the dishes and finish the laundry. So, for this time (and for the times to come), let your spouse win and carry on with your cleaning schedule.

Now that your bed is made, wipe down all surfaces. Start with dressers, vanities, nightstands and desks as these are more prone to becoming dust zones first. Pay attention also to chairs, the bed’s headboard, light fixtures, lampshades and other pieces of furniture in the room. If the curtains, mirrors and windows need dusting, go ahead.

Now that the bedroom is free of clutter and the surfaces have been wiped clean, start with the sweep and mop or vacuum process.

By creating a tidy and neat space, you have eliminated all traces of stress that could have been caused by a messy master bedroom.

master bedroom

Here’s the most important part: While you are cleaning, it is important to remember that this sanctuary is also the place where you and your spouse spend quality time. Yes, it is where you’ve both spent the most vulnerable moments of your relationship, but it is also the place where you’ve grown emotionally, physically and also spiritually as a married couple.

So, during your prayers, ask God to protect this room and to strengthen your relationship with your spouse.

The following Bible verses might help:

“Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate.”

– From Mark 10:9

“Be devoted to one another in love. Honor one another above yourselves.”

– From Romans 12:10

“Submit to one another out of reverence for Christ.”

– From Ephesians 5:21








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