How to Keep Your Tablet Screen Clean

How to Keep Your Tablet Screen Clean

How to Keep Your Tablet Screen Clean

The screen of your tablet or smartphone is precious! This is especially true since these devices are touch-sensitive: they are impossible to use without a screen. Although they are relatively solid and treated to minimize dirt, you must not only protect them – in case of a shock or fall of your machine – but also take care of them and clean them regularly: like keyboards and mice, these areas of contact with the fingers are nests of bacteria!

Here’s how to protect and clean a tablet screen.

1. Use a protective cover or case for your tablet

Covers and cases to protect tablets and smartphones are always an option. Still, it’s usually a worthwhile investment, especially for tablets: as well as safeguarding your machine in style from bumps and reducing the risk of breakage in the event of a fall (but not always preventing it), they can act as a stand when you’re watching photos or videos, for example. Some cases only cover the back of the device; others have a flap to protect the screen when you are not using the tablet or smartphone (some even switch to automatic standby when you close them). There are also unique protective covers to protect your tablet when you carry it around, for example, in a backpack or suitcase, just like a laptop.

Good to know: to quickly find the official Apple accessories for iPad and iPhone, visit the Apple website under the “iPad / iPhone accessories” category.

2. Add a tempered glass panel to prevent breakage

How to Keep Your Tablet Screen Clean


Countless smartphone screens have been broken into a million pieces, often after a fall, even a small one! The purchase (between $5 and $20) of a tempered glass screen adapted to the model of your smartphone or tablet is a wise investment, especially when you know the price of replacing a screen (between $80 and $150!):

    – It covers the entire screen of your device and “takes” shocks – frontal or drop-related – in its place. It will not withstand very violent accidents, but it is very effective in most cases!

    It may break in a crash or fall, but the screen it protects will remain intact if it is of good quality.

    – Note that some windows are treated to limit fingerprints even more than the screens and that they do not alter the visibility or sensitivity of your screen!

    – Finally, forget about the same type of protection, which is less expensive but made of plastic. They are less resistant, often have adhesion problems, are easily scratched during use, etc.

Caution: the installation must be carried out with care and after careful cleaning of the screen (special wipes are usually supplied with the glass), as any dust left behind will cause a bubble under the surface of the glass! You can ask the professional who sells it to you to do this for you.

3. Clean the screen of your tablet or smartphone

Finally, even if your tablet or smartphone screen is treated to minimize fingerprints, you will need to clean it from time to time! There are no official accessories to recommend here: use a soft microfibre cloth (don’t forget to switch off or lock your device beforehand to avoid touchscreen manipulation errors).

Good to know: the screen of good quality tablets and smartphones is straightforward to clean because of its anti-scratch treatment. Do not use liquid products or impregnated wipes: this would be useless and even dangerous for your device, which fears humidity!

Hope this post will help you keep your tablet screen clean. Remember to jot down a few words in the comments below.

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