Why Should I Clean the House Before Going on a Vacation?

Why Should I Clean the House Before Going on a Vacation?

If you are tired and want a long break from all your crazy work schedules, start making arrangements for a getaway to some summer vacation spot or just about anywhere within the state. But, there’s one thing you need to do before packing your stuff and leaving for a well-deserved vacation: house cleaning!

Save TimeSave Time

I can’t find the car keys.”

“Where the hell is my wallet?”

“I thought I kept the phone on the table.”

We’ve all heard these before. But, there’s no such thing as objects disappearing in the house –unless poltergeists or elves took them. However, most of the time, a house is not haunted; it’s just cluttered and dirty.

When a house is not clean on a regular basis, you’ll constantly find yourself trying to look for things that you think you’ve misplaced; however, your memory is not to be blamed, it’s the procrastination that’s making it harder for you to find the things you need.

Similarly, it will be difficult for you to pack the things you’ll need for vacation when you can’t even find them. So, if you don’t want to constantly push your head into closets and cabinets just to find your skiing gloves or your portable phone charger, make sure to clean the house right before you pack; it’ll save you time and energy.

Peace of MindPeace of Mind

Economists, policy-makers, government officials and many more have been highlighting the role that COVID-related economic disruptions played in affecting people’s livelihoods. The pandemic has not only led to a significant loss of human life but has also disrupted supply chains all over the world and has driven up the cost of nearly everything. Consequently, we were taught to live life differently; we were taught to live without parties, outings, meetings and so on.

At the current situation, it can also be said that COVID-19 has also had a rather unfavorable impact on the travel industry. When measures such as social distancing were being implemented in many countries, international travel suffered a drastic collapse. And, even if some countries have not removed these barriers, the worldwide inflation – caused by the pandemic – has increased the cost of traveling.

So, my point here is even if you spend a fortune to travel, you might not be able to enjoy your luxurious vacation if your mind is elsewhere and elsewhere here refers to a dirty and cluttered home that needs to be cleaned.

It’s very, very easy to leave a dirty house and go on vacation; but, once you’ve arrived at your desired destination and digging your toes in the sand and enjoying the salty breeze in a comfy beach chair, that’s when you’ll remember what you left behind you. Thinking of the dirty laundry or all the dirty dishes you’ve left in the sink will interrupt the feeling of enjoyment and relaxation you should have felt while on vacation.

So, if you want to enjoy your vacation to the max, make sure you are leaving the house clean and tidy. 

Food WasteFood Waste

Speaking of peace of mind, another thing that you should be making sure you do before leaving for vacation is cleaning your fridge.

Cleaning your fridge is as important as packing your clothes for your vacation as you don’t want to return home to the foul odor of rotting food inside your fridge and your home.

Washing all the dirty dishes, sweeping off the kitchen floor, dusting the kitchen counters, cleaning the toilet and making the bed are not enough; you have to clean the fridge to make sure you are not leaving any food that will expire or rot while you are away on some Caribbean island.


Suppose you’ve left the bathroom unclean or you forgot to take the trash out of the trash bin. Or, you’ve left food crumbs and other food debris on the kitchen counters. These dirty areas can easily attract pests and can lead to a pest infestation. So, if you don’t want to come back home and have a pest infestation on your hand, make sure the house is clean before you go skinny-dipping in the Maldives.



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