4 Key Factors in Hiring the Right Commercial Janitorial Service

Factors in Hiring the Right Commercial Janitorial Service

You might’ve decided that you need a clean and healthy environment. But, high standards of cleanliness are not achieved with a mop and a bucket only. You need expert providers of top-of-the-line cleaning services.

But, to help you not to blindly select the first company you come across, here are some guidelines.

#1. Market Reputation

Market Reputation

It’s important to be tactful here.

The problematic area is how most consumers are tricked by low prices. And, the result? They end up feeling like they’ve wasted their money or even been taken advantage of.

Hiring janitorial services that claim to be less expensive may have severe repercussions. For this reason, knowing how well versed the company is in the industry is highly appreciated and essential.

Read Customer Reviews

Who isn’t reading them?

Customer reviews and testimonials give you the power to understand the standards of a company truly. It is a connection to existing clients who can provide you with reliable feedback. It also demonstrates the value customers place on the company.

Review Their Online Footprint

A company’s online footprint refers to the digital trail that a business leaves on social media platforms and the worldwide web. For instance, the website of Jani Queen is the complete expression of the company’s high-quality cleaning services online.

Review the company’s website, business Facebook and Instagram pages and other online platforms and see whether they are positive or negative. Get an insight into what they actually do and how they strive to meet the needs of their customers.

#2. Commitment to Sustainability

Commitment to Sustainability

A good service is no longer enough to win a consumer’s heart.

It’s obvious. Today, people want more than just quality. From packaged food products to the fashion industry, the world supports more and more environmental values.

Sustainability has now become a huge trend for which many people are willing to change their habits for the better.

So, it’s a no-brainer that many consumers are even willing to pay a premium for janitorial service providers that offer green cleaning solutions.

By ditching harsh chemicals and products that violate environmental values, such cleaning companies reduce their carbon footprint while still ensuring that the cleanliness of your facility stays at the top.

But, how to identify such stainable businesses?

  • Ask for copies of their green cleaning services program and policies.
  • See whether they are equipped with cleaning equipment that meets environmental standards or has Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approval.
  • Ask if the janitors have done a Green Cleaning training program.

#3. Technology and Innovation

Technology and Innovation

It’s not surprising to note how technology now plays a crucial role in the heart of the janitorial business.

Communication Systems

Sprung up from the new advances in technology, today, you’ve got a wide range of communication platforms such as Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp and Slack on which cleaning companies and their clients can connect and interact.

Reporting Tools

So far, you’ve got Hubstaff which is a simple yet powerful application specifically designed for industries such as commercial cleaning service providers.

Different tasks can be monitored across a facility and day-to-day reports are established to determine the efficiency of the utilization of resources.

Furthermore, data collected can also be used to deduct unnecessary costs.

GPS Time Tracking

One of the best innovations that contributed a lot to the janitorial industry, GPS time tracking, is a technology that can track the cleaning crew during work hours.

Modern Cleaning Equipment

I tend to say that one of the greatest inventions in the 21st century for the cleaning industry is electrostatic sprayers, which can save time, labour and money.

#4. Customized Services

Customized Services

Now, true that all businesses want to make money, but many will strive to provide reliable and quality workmanship for their esteemed customers.

A truly good cleaning company will dedicate to provide you with the best service by working out a cleaning and maintenance schedule, keeping your facility’s needs in mind.

Want to get the cleaning job done right the first time itself? Contact Jani Queen!

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