Keep Your House Smelling Divine with Those Useful Tips (Part Two)

The mind relates smells to countless memories and experiences, so when talking about a home, it is normal that many aromas evoke that feeling of being at home.

The smell of clean clothes, freshly made food, freshly cut grass, the smell of coffee or the smell of natural flowers in the center of your table, can transport you directly to a time or place. In today’s article, we are here to bring you tips on how to make sure your house smells divine. And if you haven’t check the first part of this blog yet, you can do so here.

Baking Soda for Carpets

Baking soda is your ally in the fight against bad odors. Sprinkle it on your carpets and leave it overnight (or even better, 24 hours) before vacuuming. Baking soda will neutralize and absorb odors trapped in dirt particles.

Steam Cleaning

When it comes to cleaning curtains, you will go much faster and eliminate bad odors much more effectively if you use the steam cleaner. In addition, this way you will be able to remove wrinkles from the fabric and, best of all, you will save yourself the trouble of having to take them apart!

Container with Vinegar

Vinegar, although its smell can be unpleasant, is a natural antibacterial and deodorizing substance that can be very useful for cleaning the most difficult corners and for absorbing bad odors. You can place a container with a little vinegar in an out of sight area to neutralize unwanted odors.

Dried Flowers

Another super decorative option is to take advantage of your dried flowers to create beautiful, colorful containers with potpourri that you can place in any space of your home. While you can find these at any store, you can also encourage yourself to make your own with seasonal flowers. They will look great!

Aromatic Bags

To perfume your wardrobes and keep your clothes smelling good, one idea that never fails is to create aromatic bags: choose fabrics that let the fragrance through, like linen or organza. To fill them, you can use dried lavender flowers, which are very aromatic and have a long lasting scent. Once the bags are filled, tie them with a string and hang them in cupboards or drawers.

The Aroma of Coffee

In the kitchen, one of your best allies in neutralizing bad odors is coffee. Its powerful aroma will absorb the rest, and you’ll make sure your kitchen always smells like freshly brewed coffee. You can place a container with coffee beans, or use the grounds from your last coffee maker and place them in the refrigerator.

Lemon Peels

Citrus fruits have many bactericidal and disinfectant properties. Moreover, they are the most accessible and economical resource when it comes to neutralizing bad odors in the kitchen. For example, you can put the rind of a lemon in a bowl of hot water to eliminate odors from the oven or microwave.

Avoiding the Smell of Frying

If you’re going to be frying and don’t want your entire floor to end up smelling like a tapas bar, you can put a slice of apple or some lemon peels in the oil and remove them when they turn black. Another trick is to bring a pot of water to a boil and add a little vinegar and citrus peel while it cooks. When you’re done cooking, don’t forget to wash the pan thoroughly.

Vinegar for the Sink

From time to time, it is also important to thoroughly clean the sink, as it is a place where small food remains accumulate and, over time, can end up giving off bad smells. To remove them, heat a cup of vinegar and add coarse salt and baking soda. When it’s hot, pour it down the sink and let it sit for half an hour before rinsing with hot water. This solution not only neutralizes bad odors, but also removes dirt from the pipes.


The dishwasher is another common source of unpleasant odors in our kitchen. To avoid them, rinse the dishes well before placing them in the dishwasher and, from time to time, do a vacuum wash with vinegar and add a little baking soda.

The Refrigerator

Try to clean the refrigerator once every three months with a cloth soaked in vinegar. Also, when you notice that it smells a lot like food, you can use the coffee grounds trick or leave a container with baking soda or a citrus fruit cut in half.

There you are! You now have the complete list of tips to make your house smell good all the time. Have we missed any tips? Share them in the comments below.


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