Top 5 Tips For Cleaning Your Home Before Moving Out


Moving is always a life-changing event. It’s an exciting time: a leap into the unknown and a big dose of change. But like all good things, there are negative aspects because moving means cleaning your old apartment or house and your new home.

Cleaning is an activity that we are not all fans of, and yet, it is an essential thing that we can’t really do without. As they say, the cleanliness of the house reflects our personality. But it is true that sometimes the desire can be lacking. Living in an apartment where everything is clean is always more pleasant.

1. Prepare your home for the big clean


Before getting out the dish towels, bleach, and other rags, it is important to prepare the apartment or house you will clean. Of course, the ideal is to completely empty the home to have a clear field to start the extensive cleaning. Unfortunately, this is not always possible: you may not have access to your new home at the time you need to clean your apartment.

Plus, you may not have a place to store your stuff before moving in. So, if that’s not possible, arm yourself with cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, and plastic sheeting to protect all your belongings (furniture, appliances, decorations, etc.). Then, gather all these things in the center of a large room so as not to be disturbed too much. Once everything is in place, we can start.

This step is essential because it will also facilitate your move when you unpack all your boxes. As you should not pack your boxes and other bags anyhow, there are some very useful tools to help you. The principle is simple: you take a picture of your stuff and indicate in which box you have packed it. This way, when you unpack your boxes in your new home, you save a lot of time and are not lost in a flood of boxes.

2. Start with the small details

If your home is large, you may be caught up in time and forget some of the small details at the very end of the cleaning process. We advise you to start with the small but important details to avoid this situation. For example, think of the small holes in the wall you have made when hanging pictures, photos, or mirrors. No matter how small, these holes can prevent you from getting your deposit back when you check out.

They must therefore be filled in. That said, these are small holes that do not require using sealant and getting out of the extensive toolbox. No, you can use toothpaste to fill holes caused by nails, tacks, and screws. But be careful; this toothpaste must be the same color as the wall (preferably white); otherwise, it’s useless. Simply apply a thin layer in and around the hole, spread with your finger, and let it dry.

3. Now it’s the dust’s turn


Before washing everything with soap and water, you must tackle the dust. To make this tedious task more pleasant:

  1. Equip yourself with the right tools, namely a textile brush or a chamois.
  2. Start with the furniture if there is any left and then move on to the cupboards and other shelves.
  3. Don’t forget the lamps and other decorative elements that will remain in your apartment or house after you leave.

If you have blinds, there is a quick and easy way to remove all the dust that has accumulated. Take a pair of kitchen tongs and attach a chamois leather to each leg of the tongs with rubber bands.

4. Clean with water

Yes, you have to get out the mop and bleach to wash the floor. We recommend using a mop bucket with the included mop to make it easier. Thanks to this, you don’t have to twist a cloth every time; you just have to twist the mop in the bucket while standing, without needing to bend down. No backache, then! And above all, it’s a phenomenal time saver!

If you have to clean tiles, insist on the joints, that’s where the dirt piles up, so press well while passing over them so that everything is clean. While you’re at it, you can take care of the walls if they are dirty. Nothing could be simpler: get a sponge, a little bleach, and above all, elbow grease.

5. The bathroom is crucialcleaning

The bathroom is considered the most important room to clean. Therefore, it is essential to make this room shine to convince people to rent or buy the house. Indeed, thanks to this room, visitors will get an idea of the house’s overall condition.

If you have a bathtub, here’s a tip on how to clean it properly. Fill it with water and add vinegar and lemon slices. It’s not to make a cocktail, but this mixture will act as a natural scourer. If you don’t have these ingredients on hand, you must get out a sponge and some cleaner.

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