White Laundry: Essential Tips

Are your white clothes no longer as white as they used to be? Have your white sheets and towels turned gray? Are there yellow underarm sweat spots on your white T-shirt? Don’t panic. We have put together for you the best tips for getting your white laundry back!

Why Do White Laundry Turn Gray?

Is your white laundry turning gray? There are several possible causes:

Dirty washing machine: A dirty washing machine does not necessarily cause gray clothes, but it can leave marks and streaks on freshly washed clothes. It can also cause laundry to smell. Cleaning the washing machine is the solution!

Gray tones: Mixing colors is obviously not a good idea. However, if you put white clothes and light gray clothes in the washing machine together, you will end up with gray tones.

Why Does White Laundry Turn Yellow?

What is the cause of yellow stains on laundry as well as gray color?

Sun: Do you dry it in the sun? Good! But if you let your laundry dry in the sun for a long time, it can get yellow stains.

Bleach: Bleach can be used to remove stains, but too much can stain. Bleach is an aggressive product containing chlorine. Therefore, be sure to limit the amount of this product used.

Sweat: Yellowing of clothing is not caused solely by sweat. A chemical reaction between sweat and the aluminum in the deodorant causes the stain to be yellow. Therefore, choose a deodorant that does not leave stains.

How to wash white laundry? Here is a step-by-step plan.

Sorting White Laundry

It all starts with sorting. Don’t forget to distinguish between color and texture.

Choose By Color

Washing your favorite blouse with a colorful floral pattern in white laundry? Not a good idea! Therefore, always wash white laundry only with white clothes (even light gray should not be washed together). The only exception is light blue fabric (no other colors!). These two fabrics can be placed in the drum together.

Select by Fabric Type

Delicate fabrics such as wool and silk require a separate product/washing program. For example, wool requires a lower washing temperature. Always check the care label before putting the fabric in the washing machine.

Turning Clothes Inside Out

Always turn clothes inside out before putting them in the washing machine. Clothes may rub against each other or the drum during washing. Turning them inside out damages the inside. Also, color fading is minimized.

Prewash: Yes or No?

If necessary, prewash can be done. For this, several “natural” remedies can be used

Vinegar: Soak the garments in warm water with plenty of vinegar. Soak for several hours, then rinse and wash as usual. Note: Vinegar has a strong odor.

Soda or baking soda: soda and baking soda are not the same; treat whites by soaking them in a bucket of 4 liters of hot water and baking soda; soak for at least one hour, then rinse or machine wash.

Lemon juice: fill a bucket with boiling water and lemon juice and soak the laundry. Lemon juice will also remove the initial stain.

Use of Washing Powder for White Laundry

Powder or liquid detergent for white laundry? Either way, washing powder is an effective way to transform white laundry. In addition to fluorescent brighteners, this powder contains oxygen bleach to prevent yellowing and is ideal for removing “colored” stains such as coffee stains.

Suitable Laundry Programs for White Goods

When setting up your laundry program, consider the type of detergent you are using. Usually, white laundry is set to a program for cotton. However, the best way to check for the correct laundry program is to check the care label, which is sewn onto the inside of the garment and contains advice on washing temperatures and fabric gentleness.

How to Wash White Clothes

Let It Dry Outside

Is the weather good? Then hang your laundry outside on a washing line. What’s more, laundry thrown outside on a line also smells extra fresh.

Let us know if these few tips have helped you in the comments below!

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