Top 6 Tips And Tricks For Efficient Office Cleaning


The cleanliness of the premises is the “business card” of every company. It is, therefore, important to keep your space clean to make a good impression on your customers. Indeed, cleaning your offices is a mark of professionalism. In addition, a clean workplace promotes the productivity and efficiency of your employees. Their morale will be high, and they will be more fulfilled in their work. With that said, let’s take a look at how to properly clean your work environment. Here are 11 tips and tricks for effective office cleaning.

1. Wash your windows regularly

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Windows tend to get dirty, and it’s not a pretty sight. Dirty windows also prevent sunlight from entering the office. This is a shame because it affects our mood and the atmosphere in the office, and as a result, we don’t work as well. When you’ve spent hours in front of your computer typing, all you want is to have natural light.

So what are you waiting for? Grab a rag and a cleaning spray and give the inside of your windows a shine. For the outside of the windows, you’ll need to hire a company that specializes in window cleaning unless you can fly or climb the walls. These services are not very expensive, and you don’t need to use them often. Once a month will do. Don’t forget that windows get very dirty in the spring, so make a note in your calendar to do it when the time comes.

2. Spring cleaning

Spring cleaning is essential. While spring is one of the most beautiful seasons of the year, it also means seasonal allergies. In the spring, plants produce pollen to fertilize the soil and, with it, all sorts of allergens. At this time of year, many of your employees are likely to suffer from repeated sneezing, colds, etc.

In spring, many people suffer from headaches and respiratory problems. That’s why you need to do a thorough spring cleaning to avoid allergies. We advise you not to do the spring cleaning yourself. It’s best to hire a commercial cleaning company, which will provide you with the right services and state-of-the-art techniques.

3. Gently dust your plants

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Plants improve indoor air quality in offices. They add life, color, and warmth, purify the air, remove toxins, and release moisture into the atmosphere. These are good reasons for air-conditioned offices. If you don’t have plants in your office, buy some. Lightly wipe the plants with a damp cloth to remove dust and dirt. And of course, don’t forget to water them.

4. Don’t forget the floors

If there’s one priority, it’s the floors. That’s where all the dirt shows up the most, from dust to trash and everything in between. If you forget to clean them, your floors will become veritable nests for germs and bacteria. They will lose their shine and luster. If you clean them well, you won’t have to change them anytime soon. We recommend you mop your floors daily and hire a commercial cleaning company to thoroughly clean floors, carpets, and workstations.

5. Various tips and tricks

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Here are some other useful tips and tricks for cleaning your office:

    • If you or your employees suffer from allergies, choose silk or plastic plants over green ones. As we said, plants make and release pollen into the air, and this causes allergies.
    • If you are a clean freak and want a shiny floor, we recommend using a steam mop. Your office will be sparkling clean.
    • Tell your colleagues when the floors have been washed; this will avoid accidents. Remember to use safety cones.
    • Put garbage bags at the bottom of each trash can. It’s easier to replace them. Don’t forget to put a trash can near each workstation, so your employees can reach it.
    • Make disinfectant wipes available to your employees; it’s convenient, quick, and useful for any small accidents, like picking up crumbs.
    • To clean tables and shelves, remove everything from them.
    • Cleaning your office should become a habit for you and your employees. You will have an organized and tidy workspace by taking a few minutes a day. This will save you from having to call in the professionals too often.

6. Hire a cleaning company

The best advice you can give yourself is to hire a professional to do all the hard work. After all, when would you have time to do all that work? Let’s be honest; professional cleaners will certainly do a better job than you because they use specialized equipment and materials that the general public can’t get.

Hiring a professional cleaning service will save you money, and that’s no small thing. Think about it, you won’t have to buy equipment anymore, and you will be able to focus on your work and be more productive. It will also give you more room to store all the papers, documents, and archives you no longer need.

A commercial cleaning service will offer scheduled, comprehensive services, from bathroom cleaning to kitchen cleaning, floors, windows, and carpets. Most cleaning companies also offer customized packages to suit your needs. More and more cleaning companies are composting waste, which is an ecological advantage.

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