Washing Silk Garments: Essential Tips

It is no secret that silk is among the most beautiful, elegant, and vulnerable fabrics. So, when washing your favorite silk blouse or a chic silk dress, you need to do it the right way so as not to damage this unique material. Here are some tips for washing and ironing silk to keep your garments looking their best. That way, you won’t have to worry about your garments wrinkling or burning.

Let’s start from the beginning. Can silk garments be washed? The short answer is: yes, you can wash most silk garments, it just requires more care than other materials, but with a few simple steps, you can keep it looking as good as new every time you wash it.

The first step in washing silk is to use a detergent specifically designed for delicate garments. Silk should never be put in the dryer and should not be hung in direct sunlight. Always check the care label for specific washing instructions before you start washing.

First check to see if the garment can be washed. Do a preliminary test with a small piece of cloth to see if the cloth will not fade. Take a white cloth, dampen it, and press it against the garment to see if the garment emits color. Does it? If so, the garment must be sent to the cleaners and it is not wise to wash it.

Is the garment emitting color, or has it not yet been washed for the first time? You can fix the color by washing it with water and half a cup of natural vinegar for three minutes. Vinegar stabilizes and restores colors. Vinegar also neutralizes odors. Thus, silk garments can retain their color under normal conditions. Vinegar also adds luster and degreases a little. However, vinegar will not remove stains.

Machine Washing Silk

Here are the instructions for washing silk in the washing machine:

  • Use a laundry net for protection
  • Add detergent to the drum and select the program for delicate fabrics.
  • When washing is finished, remove the garment from the machine and absorb the remaining water with a towel.
  • You can now hang or lay your silk garment flat to dry.

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Hand Washing Silk Garments

Optimal care of silk makes garments last longer and more beautiful. For this reason, we recommend hand washing, even silk garments labeled for machine washing. This luxury fabric needs special care, so bathe in warm water and use a detergent specifically designed for silk.

Don’t make a mess. Avoid mixing them together with other clothes when washing. This will only damage the fabric and color. Wash each garment separately.

Wash naturally. Stain removers, fabric softeners, bleach, etc., are your worst enemies. Forget all perfumes and dyes and wash them in the most natural way possible. Starting with lukewarm water and finishing with cold water works best.

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Drying Silk Garments

Tumble drying is not recommended for silk. Silk is subject to static electricity. Tumble drying causes two types of damage to silk garments. Excessive temperature and heat can dull the color and cause the silk to shrink. In addition, friction with the drum will break the threads.

How To Dry?

Never squeeze hard to avoid damaging the fibers. Squeeze the garment lightly so that it does remain wet. Use a dry towel to remove any excess water. After a few minutes, leave it on a hanger to dry (goodbye wrinkles!). At this point, an oxygen-rich environment is needed, so on hot days it is best to hang the garment outside on a clothesline.

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