Need House Cleaners? Here Are the Best Cleaning Services of 2022

Need House Cleaners? Here Are the Best Cleaning Services of 2022

Today, cleaning services are no longer considered a luxury, but more a prerequisite for many. You can’t survive in this hectic world without hiring someone to do the cleaning for you, right?

Well, here’s a list of some of the very best cleaning services you can hire.

Merry Maids

Merry MaidsAlways leave the housekeeping to Merry Maids!

The birth of this international franchisor took place in 1979 in Omaha, Nebraska. Along with the help and support from his family, Dallen Peterson created the Merry Maid franchise. His idea was to provide professional home cleaning services that would allow customers to enjoy the things they love while trusting Merry Maids. Despite being acquired by ServiceMaster, the company retained its philosophy.

Today, the organization boasts an incredible reputation and over 8,000 employees. With specialty services being offered in nearly 485 places throughout the US, the company is now a common household name. Every homeowner who wants a pristine home that’s perfect for inviting guests and for relaxing would turn to Merry Maids.


  • When it comes to house services, each homeowner has his own needs and requirements and Merry Maids understands that. This is why the professionals at Merry Maids will always focus on keeping your looking its best, based only on your cleaning preferences.
  • The company also understands individual’s needs for their family life, work and other important aspect and thus can provide you with a comprehensive cleaning package service based on your desired frequency.
  • When you are trusting Merry Maids, you are also trusting 40 years of expertise.
  • The company consists of professional, licensed and insured cleaners.
  • Free cleaning estimates can be provided.
  • From routine cleanings to seasonal services, the professionals will always make use of specialized and high-quality cleaning products and equipment.
  • Another reason why you should Merry Maids is that they choose to go above and beyond the classic and basic cleaning for their customers. For example, specialty cleaning services may include interior refrigerator cleaning, relocation cleaning, and wall washing and so on.
  • Merry Maids also believe in holistic ways and remedies to improve the atmosphere and energy of a house.
  • Professionals also sometimes use special techniques to get rid of house bugs.
  • With COVID-19, a special house disinfection package is also available.
  • If you are not happy with the service you were provided with, you can simply let them know and I promise the customer service will reply instantly.

Awards and Recognitions:

  • Merry maids earned the Governor’s Award for Safety Excellence by the US state of Pennsylvania in 2015.
  • In a span of different years, the franchise received the customer service NPS (Net Promotor Score) award.
  • Merry Maids has been ranked among the top three of all best cleaning companies in US in 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017.
  • The company also earned the award for the best/ number-one office in 013, 2015, 2016, and 2017.
  • Merry Maids also won one of the top 5 franchisee Award of Excellence for 2006, 2010.
  • In 1993, 2003, 2006, 2010 and 2016, the company earned the country’s Award of Distinction.
  • It also received a Women’s Choice Award when it was awarded with America’s Most Recommended Home Cleaning Service.
  • In 2021, amidst the pandemic chaos, Gary Rolfe, the director of Merry Maids, even received the prestigious Great British Franchisee Award.
  • In 2018, Merry Maids won the Team Member of the Year – North America.
  • For its amazing customer service, the company also won the prestigious Client First Award in 2010.
Customer Reviews:

Customer Reviews“Compared to the other housecleaning services I’ve hired before, I’m confident that Merry Maids is inexpensive.” – From Julia. T

“The quality of their cleaning is excellent. They are dependable. You can call them anytime and they’ll be there for you. What I appreciate the most is that the cleaners are very efficient and professional.” – From Carmen.C

“I was not satisfied at all as the team showed up very late and there wasn’t much cleaning done in the house. There were some spaces that remained untouched and there were noticeable stains on the floors.”- From Michael. S

“The job was a joke. Apart from dusting, nothing useful was done and they even broke a few items in my house.”- From Amy. J



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