Tricks for Getting Rid of Hair in Your House

Tricks for Getting Rid of Hair in Your House

Among the trends that went full-on during the lockdown was the “cleaning” trend. Back then, according to me, cleanliness had absolutely nothing to do with the need for good hygiene. When you were isolated, locked between four walls with no contact with the outside world and with nothing to do, cleaning seemed to be the only reasonable thing to do, especially when housemaids weren’t allowed. And, during that period, when you had all the time to clean, you started noticing things you’ve never seen before.

With the modern and hectic way of life, it’s easy not to notice the water stains on your wooden dining table, tiny food splatters on kitchen counters, marks on wall paint, hard water stains on glass shower doors and dirty door knobs. Sometimes, we are so distracted or absorbed in our lives that we fail to see the huge mess in which we are living. There’s a difference between being lazy enough not to clean a messy house and not having the time or the right opportunity to clean a messy house.

That’s what happened with me. I was always so taken up by work that I never realized that my bedroom became a dumping ground for clothes and shoes, my kitchen was covered with thick grease and my toilet smelled like sewage. When the country was under lockdown, I had no other choice than to go on a cleaning quest. After all the wafting around, dusting, brooming, mopping and vacuuming, I realized one thing: every corner of the house was “entangled” with hair.

If your house is also filled with lots of unwanted hair –be it yours or your pet’s – let me explain how to get rid of it.

Rubber Gloves

Rubber GlovesThere are lots of products on the market that can help to clean a “hairy” home, but personally, I think the best tools would be plain rubber gloves or those plain kitchen gloves. Instead of spending your money on commercial products, you can just wear a pair of gloves and collect any hair you see around your furniture or on the floor. It takes time but think of it as a good exercise.

Use Dryer Sheets

I know some think that the use of dryer sheets is both a waste of time and money. It’s partially true that they leave a chemical residue along with a weird smell. However, due to their anti-static property, dryer sheets act like magnets for hair. So, while cleaning around the house, make sure to use the all-purpose dryer sheet.

Brush Carpets

Brush CarpetsA vacuum cleaner’s job is to collect all the hair sticking to rugs and carpets. But, honestly, there were many times when my vacuum cleaner couldn’t gather all the hair on my carpets. Sometimes, if the hair is too stuck, you can try giving the rug a light misting (a combination of water with a few drops of softener can attract the hair like a magnet). Then, you can use a broom to brush off all the loose hair and finish with a quick vacuum.

 Shower Wiper

As per the American Academy of Dermatologists, a person can lose from 50 to 100 strands of hair per day. So, imagine how many strands of hair can be found in your house, especially in your shower.

It’s common to lose some strands of hair when you are showering, but these strands are often splattered on your shower glass. Use the shower wiper to get rid of all the strands of hair on the shower glass.

Drain Weasel

Drain WeaselIf strands of hair can splatter on the shower glass, it can get entangled in the shower drain. So, if the drain unblocker isn’t good enough to remove the hair strands, use a drain weasel.


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