Guide to Cleaning Towels: How to Wash & Dry Towels


When we buy luxury bath towels for our homes, we need to know how to care for them properly to last as long as possible and retain their soft, fluffy feel. While tossing towels in the washing machine may appear to be an easy operation, there are a few things to keep in mind to guarantee you are using the proper approach for washing towels to keep them soft and help them last longer. Our ‘Guide to Cleaning Towels‘ has some useful hints on how to wash towels so that they look and feel great even after many washes.

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Guide to Cleaning Towels

 The Best Way to Wash Towels

It’s never a good idea to wash filthy towels with the rest of your clothing. Not only will other soiled objects in the washing machine make the towels less fresh and clean, but delicate fibers may be damaged or tangled with smaller items, preventing them from being fully cleansed.

 How to Care for Towels

 Separate Bright and Dark Towels – Separate light and shadow towels into separate loads before washing. White towels should never be washed with dark colors. Because towels are so absorbing, the lighter colored ones can absorb some of the dye colors from the darker ones, turning them dingy or discolored.

Do Not Fill the Washing Machine – To avoid overloading the washing machine, place towels in it. Also, especially with top-loading machines with an agitator, ensure sure the load is even. A conventional front-loading washing machine can accommodate approximately seven-bath towels, whereas a top-loading machine can hold approximately ten.

 Use Less Detergent: Your towels may become stiff if you use too much laundry detergent. To get the greatest results, use roughly half the laundry detergent recommended by the manufacturer. Towels may be washed with almost any detergent, so your favorite should be OK.

Bleach, if desired – If your towels contain stains, bleach works effectively to remove them. To wash white towels, you can use chlorine or non-chlorine (color-safe) bleach. Only use color-safe bleach when washing colored towels, as chlorine bleach will fade dark colored towels and create white bleach stains, ruining your luxury towels.

 Washing Machine Cycle: Your luxury towels can be washed on the standard or normal cycle in your washing machine. These cycles are great for cleaning towels because the faster spin and longer washing time than softer cycles help remove dirt and bacteria from the towel’s fabric fibers.

When washing towels, what temperature should they be washed at? – Use the hot water setting to wash white and lighter colored towels. For optimal washing, use hot water to brighten white and light-colored towels. Warm water should be used to wash towels with dark colors. Warm water helps to keep the colors vibrant and microorganisms at bay.

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 Remove Extra Water Before Drying – After the towels have been washed, remove them from the washer and shake off any excess water before putting them in the dryer. This helps keep towels soft by reducing drying time.

How to Dry Towels

 You have the option of using a dryer or letting your luxury towels air dry. To maximum fluffiness in your home dryer, simply select the standard or automated cycle, as over-drying can harm sensitive fabrics. When the cycle is over, take the towels and fold them away to avoid creases.

Lay towels flat on a drying rack inside or hang them outside on a clothesline to air dry. Towels that have been air-dried may seem stiff, but placing them in the dryer for a brief ‘no heat’ fluff might help soften them up.

It is important to clean your towels carefully so that it has a long life cycle, let us know in the comment how do you clean your towels…

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