Tips to Help You Clean and Maintain Your Log Cabin (Part 1)


Cabins are usually smaller houses with a limited floor plan. However, it’s surprising how quickly such a small space can become dirty.
In fact, new home organization statistics show that 54% of Americans said they felt overwhelmed with cutter filling up their homes.
If you want to enjoy more time outside the cabin than in it, knowing the best tips for keeping it clean is essential.
So read on to have some ideas on how to keep your cabin clean.

Get Rid of Sink Odors With Lemon

Lemons in Sink
Lemons in Sink

Depending on where your cabin is located, you may cook at home regularly. This can cause your kitchen sink to smell.
Simply run a lemon peel through the attached garbage disposal to prevent your kitchen sink from emitting odors.
The lemon juice will remove odors and clean the parts of the sink you can’t reach.
Once the lemon is in the sink, rinse it off with cold water.

Cut Through Grease on Kitchen Appliances

Microwave Cleaning
Microwave Cleaning

You likely have a few grease stains with all of the cooking you’re doing in the kitchen.
Your microwave, in particular, make it look like a battle zone.
A simple method of cleaning is to heat a bowl of water with a cut lemon in it. Also, add a little vinegar.
Then let the bowl steam in the microwave. After that, you just need to wipe off the grease and other dirt.

Polish Your Countertops

Polish Your Countertops
Polish Your Countertops

Your cabin probably has countertops that could be seriously damaged if cleaned with vinegar.

It’s better to use something like granite polish.

The polish picks up dirt, cuts through it, and leaves a shiny and bright surface.

It’s a great way to clean and enhance your countertops instead of making them look dull.

Check Out the Latest Design Trends

New Trends for Interior Design Of Cabin
New Trends for Interior Design Of Cabin

Cabins are known for being rustic but they don’t have to be.
If you want to decorate your cabin to 2021 standards, you need to know the latest trends.
Take some time to learn about cabin interior design in 2021 and make the appropriate changes.
Your cabin will look fashionable and practically new.

Refresh the Junk Drawer

Junk Drawer
Junk Drawer

Since your cabin is a gateway to adventure, it probably has a junk drawer.
To keep your cabin clean, go through and sort this drawer regularly. Throw away junk and leave items that are still useful.
To further clean out the junk drawer, vacuum up any crumbs that might be hiding inside.
You may be surprised at what is in your junk drawer.

Replace Shower Curtains With Glass

Glass Shower Door
Glass Shower Door

If your cabin is used for vacation, you should replace the shower curtain with a glass. Over time, the shower curtain can get moldy.
If you are not there to clean the curtain, you may come back and find a lot of mold on it.
Glass shower doors are easier to maintain.
All you have to do is wipe them down before you leave the cabin for the season.

Dust Every Crevice

Long Crevice Dust Brush
Long Crevice Dust Brush

Inside a cabin, there are many hiding places where dust can accumulate.
For example, the top of beams and the right corners where beams are connected and sloping areas can all be challenging to clean.
You may need a special tool to reach them. However, cleaning these areas is crucial.
Removing cobwebs, dust and other allergens from these areas can make living in your cabin much better.
Start with the crevices first. Then clean the floors so they don’t get dirty again.

Clean Out Your Wood Stove

Many cabins have wood stoves. If your cabin is one of them, you need to take care of it.
Clean your stove regularly and have the chimney cleaned by a chimney sweep. Your chimney should be thoroughly cleaned at least once a year.
To extend the life of your stove, it’s also vital to use the right type of wood. Hardwood is the best wood because it lasts longer. You will get better combustion with less debris.

Hang Mosquito Nets on the Porch

Wood Stove
Wood Stove

To keep using your cabin at night, you should consider installing mosquito nets on your porch or deck.
They’re effective at keeping mosquitoes from entering your home and porch area.
You’ll need to take them down every now and then to clean them.
Simply spraying them with a garden hose will do the trick. By maintaining your mosquito nets, you can enjoy your cabin’s porch at all hours of the night and day.

Use a Robot Vacuum

Robot Vacuum
Robot Vacuum

One of the best ways to keep your cabin tidy is to use a robot vacuum.
They’re great at picking up messes on hardwood floors or low-pile carpets. The best thing about them is they do all the cleaning for you.
While you’re out enjoying the outdoors, the robot is keeping your cabin clean. You can come back to wholly cleaned floors and a healthy cabin.

Taking care of your cabin requires a bit more work than the average house. By following these tips to maintain the interior of your cabin, you can make it last for years. Check out the second part for more fabulous tips!

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