Quartz Carpet: Cleaning and Maintenance

For the natural followers, the stone carpet is in the lead in the choice of flooring. It combines elegance, durability, and comfort of use. It is trendy for its very advantageous properties and ease of maintenance.

Characteristics of Quartz Carpet

Quartz carpet is a floor covering made from quartz granules and resin. It is appreciated for its natural side and aesthetic because it is not subjected to industrial processing. Moreover, it is an environmentally friendly material. It is drivable and non-slip and can also support the passage of vehicles. In addition, this type of carpet is easy to maintain.

Although it is permeable, it has an evacuation system for the puddles of rainwater, etc. It has undergone various processes to provide maximum comfort in use that give it a soft and shiny finish. For this reason, it can be installed indoors. Also, know that quartz aggregates and resin assembly is preserved for a very long time without being subject to any modification or degradation. But its installation requires the know-how of professionals.

Maintenance of Quartz Carpet

The natural stone carpet, like quartz, is not demanding in terms of maintenance. Its cleaning depends on its location (indoor or outdoor).

Maintenance of Outdoor Carpet

The outdoor carpet is an open structure because it shows the pores emanating from the variation of the size of quartz aggregates that compose it. Indeed, the carpet is obtained from an assembly of crushed quartz particles of different sizes and resin.

High-Pressure Cleaning

Because of its robustness and impermeability, you can opt for a high-pressure cleaning of your quartz carpet. This will save you time in terms of cleaning without tiring you. However, be careful not to bring the machine too close to the floor, or you may damage it due to excessive pressure.

The Use of Detergent and Natural Products

You can clean a quartz carpet using everyday cleaning products because it is resistant to frost and chemicals. For this purpose, use bleach and cleaners of any brand. But to avoid infecting your garden plants and better protection of the environment, choose ecological cleaners.

It is also possible to use homemade products. For this, make a mixture of dishwashing liquid and warm water. Black soap is also effective for cleaning quartz carpet. Simply dilute a spoonful of black soap in two liters of water to do this. Then apply the solution to your deck with a broom. The process is the same for a solution of bicarbonate crystals and hot water.


Over time, moss and green residue can easily cling to the carpet. To get rid of them, sweep your deck regularly. Also, because of its open structure, create a water drainage system by sloping the side of the deck. This will reinforce its water-tightness. Although it is robust, treat your floor by applying a layer of polyurethane resin.

Maintenance of Indoor Carpeting

An indoor carpet is a closed structure. This means that it has been meticulously finished to seal the pores that appear on the surface firmly. As a result, dirt does not penetrate the interior of the carpet, making it easy to clean and ensuring the floor’s longevity. Vacuum and damp mop the floor to remove dirt and grime to maintain it. You can also remove persistent stains with a sponge soaked in warm water.

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