Keeping A House With Pets Clean: 7 Tips

If you are a pet lover, you probably enjoy coming home to a pet waiting for you. Your pet loves you, makes you laugh, and lounges on the couch with you. However, having pets also means hair on the couch, nose prints on the window, mud in the hallway, etc. Are you wondering how to keep a house with pets neat and clean, or at least a little tidy? Here are some tips to help you out!

1) Clean All Animal Items As Much As Possible

With pets come items such as pet toys, collars, leashes, and many other accessories. Pets also leave behind odors in the house.Therefore, try to put away as much items as possible in a locked place, such as a box or basket with a lid. Do not hang your dog’s leash or collar on the coat rack, as the odor and hair on them will stick to the coat. Do you have children? Keep children’s and pets’ toys separate and sanitary.

2) Ventilation

Provide good ventilation. The most effective way to ventilate is to open windows and doors facing each other. This is done by opening windows and doors at the front and back of the house. This will allow a lot of wind to flow through the house briskly. The hope is that this wind will carry away foul odors. It is essential to keep the door open with a doorstop to prevent the door from slamming.

3) Remove Hair With a Clothes Roller or Rubber Gloves

Does your pet know where the softest place in the house is? Then, hair is most likely on carpets, seating, cushions, and clothing. Fortunately, a clothing roller makes this easy. Just roll it back and forth, and all the hair will stick to the roller! If you don’t have a clothes roller at home, you can always use rubber gloves to clean. Put on the gloves and rub the hairy area. All the hair will stick to the gloves and the area will be hair-free again.

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4) Refresh the Smell in Your Home

No matter how well you clean, pet odors will always remain. This odor is recognizable but not necessarily fragrant. To get rid of this, you can use aroma sticks or scented candles. Take enough time to find the right scent for you because it is something that will always be present in your home. It is also possible to vary the fragrance. This makes it more noticeable, and fresh scents are noticed more quickly. Besides, it’s always fun to choose a good scent!

5) Cleaning Up After a Walk

This is especially recommended for dog owners. Leave an old towel by the door. You can use this towel to clean your dog’s feet and other dirty areas when you’re back home. This eliminates the worry of your dog going around the house with muddy paws.

6) Vaccum For Pet Hair

Do you really want to make things easier on yourself? While the above tips certainly help, they might sometimes not solve the problem. In this case, investing in a special vacuum cleaner might be helpful. This will also help remove unpleasant stains and refreshes 100% of the odors in your home.

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7) Litter Box

If you have a cat at home, you will also have a litter box. Unfortunately, litter boxes can smell bad if they are not cleaned regularly. Also, if the litter box is dirty, the cat will want to do its business elsewhere in the house. You can avoid this by cleaning the litter box daily and replacing the insides. If there is enough space in the home, a spare litter box can be placed elsewhere.

Let us know if these few tips have helped you in the comments below!

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