How to Remove Food Stains From Wallpaper

How to Remove Food Stains From Wallpaper

How to Remove Food Stains From Wallpaper

It can be difficult to remove wallpaper. It is more or less combustible, tends to tear, and cannot tolerate moisture.

Therefore, it is best to clear wallpaper stains while they are still fresh.

Depending on the type of coating, the treatment that the wallpaper supports varies:

Only use a dry cloth, an eraser, or breadcrumbs on non-washable wallpaper.

Wallpaper that can be washed: it can be very lightly dampened.

It is possible to moisten vinyl wallpaper.

You can also wet wallpaper made of non-woven vinyl.

After treatment, take care to wipe with a fresh, dry cloth.

Removing food stains from wallpaper

How to Remove Food Stains From Wallpaper

Red wine stains

To get rid of a red wine stain on the wallpaper, erase the stain with a piece of breadcrumbs.

Another effective detergent is an eraser.

Note: if the tapestry is water-resistant, treat it with white vinegar and montmorillonite clay.

White wine stains

To remove a white wine stain from wallpaper:

Absorb the stain with a paper towel.

If stains remain:

Try erasing non-washable wallpaper with an eraser or bread crumb.

Rub washable wallpaper with a cloth soaked in rubbing alcohol and vinegar.

Sparkling wine stains

How to Remove Food Stains From Wallpaper

sparkling wine stain on wallpaper?

Gum is a non-washable fabric with a bread crumb or eraser.

Stain a washable fabric with a cotton ball soaked in diluted ammonia.

Absorb the residue with a paper towel.

Soda stains

To remove a soda stain from wallpaper, dab the stain with a cloth soaked in ammonia water.

Another effective detergent is methylated spirits.

Be careful: non-washable wallpaper does not tolerate water, so try using an eraser or breadcrumbs instead.

Coffee stains

To remove a coffee stain on a wallpaper:

On a non-washable wallpaper, rub a bread crumb or eraser on the stain.

On a washable tapestry, apply a cloth containing vinegar and water.

If the stain is encrusted, rub it with alcohol at 90° deposited on a cloth.

Tea stains

To remove a tea stain from wallpaper:

Dab a cotton swab moistened with a mixture of vinegar and rubbing alcohol.

If the wallpaper does not wash out, rub a clean eraser over the stain.

Note: this solution will only reduce the stain. Some permanent stains may remain on the wallpaper.

Edible oil stains

To remove a vegetable oil stain from wallpaper, rub the stain with a schoolboy eraser.

Another effective detergent is a bread crumb.

Note: on washable wallpaper, you can treat this stain with tetrachloroethylene.

Cherry stains

To clean a cherry stain on washable wallpaper:

Apply a cloth lightly dampened with soap and water to the stain.

Lay a damp cloth to clean the area.

Press an absorbent cloth to capture the moisture.

Note: Stains on non-washable paper can eventually be removed by rubbing with breadcrumbs. If this treatment is not practical, replace the stained liner.

Tomato stains

To remove a tomato stain on wallpaper:

On washable wallpaper:

Dab the stain with a cloth lightly soaked in soapy water.

If stains remain, add vinegar to the cloth and gently reapply to the stain.

Press an absorbent cloth over the treated area to catch the water.

If the wallpaper is not washable:

Rub a new eraser over the stain.

If this fails, the stain is indelible.

Another effective detergent is a bread crumb.

Blueberry stains

How to Remove Food Stains From Wallpaper

To remove a blueberry stain from washable wallpaper:

Gently rub with a sponge lightly dipped in soapy water.

Wash the sponge and run it over the surface to remove the detergent.

Place a square of paper towels over the area to remove the water.

Another effective detergent is vinegar.

Note: If the wallpaper is not washable, try following the tips above. If this is not sufficient, you must replace the stained wallpaper.

Grease/butter stains

To remove a grease stain from wallpaper, rub the stain with a cloth soaked in tetrachloroethylene.

Caution: If the paper is waterproof, soften the stain with a bread crumb or an eraser.

Strawberry stains

To remove a strawberry stain from wallpaper:

Apply a cloth soaked in vinegar (a small amount) to the stain.

Remove the vinegar with a square paper towel.

If your wallpaper is not washable, it may be permanently stained. However, you can try to remove the stain with a bread crumb or a new schoolboy eraser.

Raspberry Stains

To remove a raspberry stain from wallpaper:

If the paper is washable:

Place a few drops of vinegar on a dry cloth.

Gently rub the stain with the cloth in an upward motion.

If the paper is not washable:

Gently rub the stain with a new or well-cleaned eraser.

You’ll need to change the liner if this technique doesn’t work.

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