How To Make Cleaning Fun?

Tidying up is not always easy, especially when there is a lot of clutter. To avoid turning tidying up into a chore, here are some tips to make it more fun!

Put On Some Music

Grab your speaker, create your playlists, then sing and dance! This will help you get your stuff out of the way without seeing the clock ticking. Choose songs that will put you in a good mood. For example, you can challenge yourself to finish cleaning up after 5 songs.

Challenge Your Roommate

Whether you live with your friend, partner, or roommates, tidying up can’t always be delegated to someone else. To get everyone involved, organize a little speed contest. For example, the person who finishes tidying up his room last has to buy ice cream for the person who finished first.

Sort by Color

Organize your clothes, shoes, and accessories by color. For example, put the darker colors together first, then move on to the colors in between, and finish with the lighter shades.

Organize Alphabetically

You can organize your clothes by brand. Put your Adidas tracksuits on the left and your Zara shirts on the right, for example. This helps you find what you’re looking for faster.

Use Stickers

Not only will you find an excellent motivation to store your stuff by putting stickers on the surface, but it also allows you to beautify your storage units. Personalize them by printing indicative images on them for each type of storage. For example, put pictures of shoes and bedding to differentiate their location in your drawer.

Involve your Children

Use your imagination to put away their toys by creating a little scenario with your children. Have them imagine that you are on a beach and their toys are in danger of being stolen if they leave them lying around. Give them a bag with handles and ask them to pick up all the toys and put them away in a storage bag afterward. You can time it by telling them that if they overstay their welcome, the ever-approaching storm may take them away. Also, if you have more than 2 kids, assign them respective missions: the first one takes care of the cars, the second one takes care of the characters, the third one collects blocks, and so on.

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Light Up Your Storage Units

You can wrap connected LED strips around the inside of your kitchen drawers and closet or put recessed bulbs in your closet or dressing room. Play with the colors using your smartphone according to your taste. This technique is efficient because you no longer need to carry a lamp to store or look for your shoes or clothes at night.

Make Tidying Up Become a Habit

Before tidying up, take a step back, look around you and ask yourself some questions: does such a mess contribute to my well-being? What impact will tidying up have on my daily routine? The answers will help motivate you and tap into your creative side. Come up with ideas so that your tidying session doesn’t become tedious and cause you to stop in the middle.

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