How Often Should You Actually Wash Your Sheets And Towels? (Part 3)

Although you don’t wear your bed linen like jeans or a sweater, you spend hours with it every night. Weekly cleaning is not necessary, but regular washing is. Most people are well aware that duvet covers have to be changed and washed. Nevertheless, questions arise repeatedly in everyday life, for example, how often you should wash your bedding per month. Or also which detergent is necessary for this or what you should know about washing bed linen, sheets, etc. We tell you everything in this article. And if you haven’t yet read the first part of this blog, do it now for more fantastic cleaning tips!



Since you sleep in your bed for several hours every day, it is a question of hygiene to wash the bed linen regularly. Most people sweat at night, providing optimal conditions for germs, bacteria and parasites such as mites. Tiny flakes of skin that you lose while you sleep also collect in the sheets and mattresses. So, how often should you wash bedding, sheets, pillows, mattresses, etc…?



In the name of honesty, have you ever washed the bathroom rug unless you spilled something on it? In any case, we do not have that. But it is one of the dirtiest things in a bathroom. It gets slightly wet when you go out of the shower or wash your face and then slowly dry, rarely thoroughly. Then we walk on it with dirty feet every day. So, throw it in the machine every now and then, preferably during the weekly cleaning!

  • How Often to Wash Them: Once a week to every other week.
  • How to Wash Them: Depending on the material, but at least 40 degrees in the machine. Dry properly.



They work for most people as little as possible: We wipe up spills with them, wipe our hands with them – both after the hands have been washed with soap and after a hatched egg has beaten them down, and then we brush our clean plates with them. In other words, there will be a lot of bacteria – which are passed on to the food.

  • How Often to Wash Them: Every other day.
  • How to Wash Them: In a machine, at least 60 degrees. Tumble dry warm to get rid of as much bacteria as possible.



  • How Often to Wash Them: Vacuum every month to remove dust and dead skin cells. Alternatively, wipe with a damp cloth.
  • How to Wash Them: If the mattress has been stained, moisten with cold water on a cloth. Use cleaning product and massage in gently. But do not soak the mattress too much, then it won’t be easy to dry. Bathe with a damp cloth to remove the agent and allow it to dry thoroughly.



It is there to protect the mattress from dirt, menstruation, and other liquids, so of course, it absorbs this and must be washed.

  • How Often to Wash Them: Every two months, and if it has a new stain, wash as soon as you can.
  • How to Wash Them: Most covers can be machine washed at 60 degrees, which is needed to remove the bacteria. Dry properly.
  • How to Keep Them Fresh Between Washes: Shake and ventilate twice a week.



A cloth bag in the home is often used for just about everything: groceries, clothes purchases, the deposit, the training clothes, the swimwear, the lunch box … But is it ever allowed to come with the laundry? Let it!

  • How Often to Wash Them: It depends on how often they are used. But after each workout.
  • How to Wash Them: Follow the instructions, but if it is cotton, they should be able to handle 60 degrees in the machine – but if they have pressures that the heat can destroy, wash at 40 degrees—hanging dryer.
  • How to Keep Them Fresh Between Washes: Empty properly and ventilate.


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