How to Quickly Clean Up a Cluttered Bedroom?

What does your bedroom look like? Is it so tidy that it feels like waking up in a luxury hotel room every day? Or does it feel like waking up in a messy wardrobe?

Why Is It Important to Clean Up and Tidy Up the Bedroom?

Why is it important to tidy up and put things in order in the bedroom? Bedrooms are used for sleeping anyway. While we do that, we don’t notice the mess, do we?

Yes, when you sleep, you don’t see the clutter. But the clutter is unconsciously demanding your attention. It stimulates you before you go to bed and after you wake up, which in turn causes you to feel restless. And that is unfortunate. The bedroom is a place for relaxation. Especially if you want a good night’s sleep. For this reason, it is essential to tidy up your bedroom.

Another reason is that tidying up the bedroom makes it easier to keep it clean. This is good for your health (think dust mite allergies).

Finally, a tidy room looks nice. It looks cozy and safe. Safe means two things. On the one hand, the chances of tripping over things are infinitesimally small. On the other hand, you are quite vulnerable while sleeping. A tidy bedroom gives you a sense of security, which is necessary for a good night’s sleep.

But How Can You Quickly Tidy Up a Cluttered Bedroom?

You probably don’t want to immediately dive into every nook and cranny, cupboard and drawer and tidy it all up at once. But you do want to see and enjoy the results of your efforts right away. At the very least, it should give you an excellent start to follow. In this case, working on the things that will bring the most visible results is preferable. That’s where the following three-bedroom tidying techniques can help.

1) Make The Bed

The bed is the largest piece of furniture in the bedroom. When the bed is made, it instantly takes on an extensive, cluttered look. Furthermore, making your bed every day will make you feel good. The first task of the day has been successfully completed.

2) Clean All Flat Surfaces

What kind of furniture is placed in the bedrooms? One or two bedside tables next to the bed? Some may have a dressing table or chest of drawers next to the wardrobe. The latter two are practical furniture that can store all sorts of things, right? But their surfaces are like magnets that attract junk. You put one magazine on the table; before you know it, there are ten.

Ask yourself, do you really need 10 magazines by your bedside? Those five pens? And those three empty glasses? No? Then clean it up!

When you are done with the bedside table, do the same with the dressing table and chest of drawers. Once cleared, make sure to group objects. Use baskets, plates, and special make-up organizers.

This will make tidying up much easier. This way, your bedroom will be clean and tidy and quiet. Plus, the cleaning will be over in no time.

The Clean Bedroom - For Allergies or Sensitivities - Philip Ranheim M.D.

3) Take Care of the Clothes

Are your clothes scattered all over the place? On the floor, the chair, and the foot of the bed. Maybe even next to, under, or behind the bed?

Separate dirty laundry from clothes that are clean enough to wear again. Throw the dirty laundry in the laundry basket. Hang the clothes that can be worn again in the wardrobe.

And then you find clothes that you know you will never wear again? Don’t put them back in the wardrobe or in the dirty laundry. Because that’s how they keep making a mess. Decide right away what to do with it: donate it, throw it away, sell it, etc.

Now that the bedroom is visibly tidier, you can continue with the rest.

Having a clean bedroom makes tidying up so much easier. After all, you have addressed the three most important points that cause clutter and mess in your room.


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