Cleaning the House Before New Residents Move In: 6 Tips

An empty house: that means you’re almost moving out! But before that, there is one more task on the to-do list: leaving the house clean and tidy for the new occupants. What needs to be done? We’ve compiled a list of cleaning tips for each living space for you to roll up your sleeves. Here’s how to make every inch of your old house sparkle!

1) Ask For Help and Plan For Cleaning

Set a date and arrange well in advance for friends and relatives to come to help with the cleaning. Assign light work to the multiple participants. Make a task list for each room and pass it on to the person in charge. Of course, make sure you have all the necessary cleaning tools at home, from brooms, chamois leather, to vacuum cleaners and all-purpose cleaners, or keep them lying around. In any case, make sure you have a pair of cleaning gloves beforehand. An excellent playlist, filling sandwiches, enough cake, coffee, tea, and small gifts will make communal cleaning more fun. On hot days, ice cream or cold drinks can be prepared to delight the helpers.

2) Tidy Up Before Cleaning

Cleaning and getting rid of things can be quite challenging for many people. So start early, preferably a month or more before your move-outdate. Also, remember that a lot of stuff is leaning and hanging in attics, sheds, and garages. You will then need to have the items you no longer need collected or taken to a disposal site. Or have time to give things away or sell them on the market.

3) Kitchen: Brilliant Updates

You’ve probably spent hours cooking your favourite recipes or baking in the kitchen. So, make sure you degrease it well. In addition to cleaning worktops and cookware, check ventilation hoods and air filters. Don’t forget to bring your oven and microwave. Dehydrate sinks and faucets and check for clogged drains. You’ll have a fresher look in no time. Clean the refrigerator and freezer: defrost everything, clean all corners, dividers, and edges with soap and water. Finally, remove all kitchen cabinets and baseboards.

4) Bathrooms and Toilets: A Fresh Space

It is nice when old tenants completely refresh their bathrooms and toilets. Give these spaces a fresh palette. Degrease faucets, showerheads, tubs, and toilets inside and out. Take tiles home immediately. Unclog all drains and pipes and make sure drains are fresh and hair-free. Polish the sink, scrub the mirror, and clean the bathroom furniture inside and out. Wipe down with a mop, and you’re done.

How To Do a Thorough House Cleaning | All Around Moving

5) Ceilings and Walls Can Be Renovated in an Instant

Ceilings and walls in living rooms and bedrooms can also be easily cleaned. Vacuum away cobwebs and dust and remove dust from ventilation openings. Clean radiators and all window sills with soapy water and scrub dirt off walls and doors. Remove grease from doors and handles, so that greasy fingers and dirt are not visible. Are there any nails or screws in the walls? Then remove them. Finally, clean all windows. Who doesn’t like a shiny front door?

6) Floors

To finish off the cleaning, we also take care of the floors. First, remove cobwebs and dust from every corner and clean the skirting boards. Then, vacuum the entire house. Too lazy to do it yourself? Get an automatic robot vacuum cleaner. And if you mop with the windows open, everything will dry faster. Don’t forget to clean the electrical outlets. Keep them unplugged for a while. Do you want to do it right? Next, scrub the balcony or terrace floor in the outdoor space. Your new tenants will love it!

If you’re still having issues getting the house cleaned for the new residents, hire the move-in and move-out cleaners at Bettenca Cleaning to help you out! You will be stress-free and be rewarded with an astonishing transformation of your space!

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