Back to School Cleaning Tips Every Parent Needs to Know

Back to School Cleaning Tips Every Parent Needs to Know

Well, well, it seems like it’s that time of the year again… when summer vacation is nearly over, leaving you with an entire house to clean and organize.

Entering the chaotic bedrooms, crawling under the beds, looking underneath the furniture and maniacally searching for bags, school shoes and uniforms…. Sounds very stressful, isn’t it?

Not if you follow the following tips.

#1.Set Up a Cleaning Checklist Set Up a Cleaning Checklist

Is it really necessary to get a cleaning checklist?

Hmm… well, I am pretty analytical and only when I create lists can my brain really focus. So, a checklist is really important to me. And, personally, if you are dealing with cleaning tasks that involve kids, it is a must to have a to-do list.

Cleaning after kids is not fun at all and it’s very easy to forget some important chores. But preparing a checklist beforehand will ensure you take care of everything – looking under the beds, underneath furniture and cleaning inside wardrobes.

Keeping a written list of what you need to do and what you have done will allow you to see the progress you are making.

#2. Create a Cleaning Shopping List

Create a Cleaning Shopping List

Right after creating your cleaning checklist, I suggest attacking the list of cleaning agents and tools. I mean, you don’t really expect to still have all your cleaning tools after a long summer of chaos at home – and the creators of that chaos are none other than your little devils.

Let’s take a look at what a master cleaning shopping list should include:

Cleaning, Dusting and Polishing:

•Multi-purpose cleaner
•Antibacterial spray
•Glass cleaner
•White vinegar
•Microfibre cleaning cloths
•Wood polish spray
•Dusting spray


•Washing detergent
•Stain remover


•General floor cleaner
•If your house’s interior is covered with carpet, you might want to look for a nice vacuum cleaning

#3. Involve Your Kids

Involve Your Kids

Ahh… the summer holidays!

The long school vacation marks the beginning of magical times for kids. Times to have fun like never before. But, for us parents, it means we have to start devising tactics on how to survive that stressful and draining time of the year.

No matter how we try to keep our cool, we always end up having to face a huge battle to keep the house clean and spotless.

I just don’t get it. Is it the heat that turns the kids feral? Is there anything such as hyperactive sun rays that can fry the brain of these kids?

Whatever the reason, cleaning the house by yourself would mean surrendering to these little monsters – which I don’t recommend, by the way.

Once your kids learn the “real” house cleaning process, I’m sure they won’t have the courage to cause the same mess again.

#4. Get Rid of Outgrown Clothes

Get Rid of Outgrown Clothes

Don’t you feel like your kids grew up very fast?

One minute they had no teeth and depended on milk and the next, they were devouring everything in their sight.

That’s, my dear friend, is the normal phase of parenthood.

Now, another thing you may have noticed is that their tiny bodies are not so “tiny” anymore, leaving behind them a trail of clothes.

So, I recommend sitting down with your kid and examine every article of clothing they own.

And, what to do with the outgrown ones?

•If you’ve got younger kids or other young toddlers in the family, you can keep the outgrown clothing for them.
•A yard sale might not be a bad idea.
•But, charity goes above all.

#5. Establish an Entryway Station for Shoes and Coats

Establish an Entryway Station for Shoes and Coats

You’ll see, as soon as the school season progresses, you’ll be inviting dirt, mud and other residues in your house.

While this might be unavoidable when you have kids, setting up a shoe station at the entrance is a smart option. You could also design a small space to keep the wet rain jackets or snow-coated coats.

What do you think about these tips? Helpful or not?




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